Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working Through My Stash

Hello, everyone, my name is laxsupermom and I'm a fabric addict.  It's been 6 weeks since I've stepped in a fabric store. 

That was a lie.  

I was there yesterday, but I only bought some trim.  I ogled the new fabrics, and pawed through the Red Tag shelves, but stayed true to my vow not to buy any more fabric until I've made a real dent in my current fabric stash.  I dream of having things under control & organized like Missy at Little Green Bean.  Check out this post where she created mini fabric bolts for her stash.

The problem is that I think my stash needs to be fully contained in my craft room before, I can begin to sort through it all.  Right now I have some spillover into the guest room.  So here's another sewing project as I try to burn through some of my addiction.

Do you all remember the gorgeous Dining Room furniture we inherited from Computer Genius's great aunt?  Here's a reminder of what the table looks like.

I've been using placemats with this table, mostly because I only have 1 tablecloth that fits it the way we currently use it with only 1 leaf in.  Our previous DR table was much wider and bulkier, so most of my tablecloths are either too big, or too little because they're the ones we use for the "kids table" at holidays.  Naturally that meant I went looking in my fabric stash for a suitable tablecloth fabric to put over CG's great aunt's table pads. 

This is the one I picked.

I loved the pattern of this fabric and snagged it for only $3/yd a couple of years ago, a veritable steal for outdoor fabric.  The fabric's soil and stain resistance made it a shoo-in for this quick and easy project.  I cut the fabric to size, and hemmed all 4 sides, then attached some fun ball fringe, which is the trim I bought yesterday, to the edge all the way around.  8 1/3yds of the ball fringe was less than $15 using a 40% coupon.

This was all basic straight line sewing so I won't bore you with the sewing machine pictures, but here it is on the table.

And here she is all ready for dinner.

Thanks for popping in and sewing with me.  I'm linking this up to Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphosis Monday.  And don't forget to check out Debbiedoos' Newbie Party.

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  1. FUN! I love that pattern. Thanks for joining in on my newbie party. Have fun!!~

  2. I love the fabric and the tablecloth you created. And wow what a gorgeous Duncan Phyfe table.

  3. Ohhh I love it! Great job and love the table too! Have a great night!

  4. That is very pretty! Love the table too! Have a great week, Vicky

  5. How cute is that!! And I love the thought of using the outdoor fabric for a tablecloth! My 4 little lovelies make short work of a clean tablecloth, and I'm always trying to get out stains too. This is def. going on my to-do list!!

  6. Great fabric for your tablecloth. I make tablecloths all the time. I usually try to make an oblong and a round of most fabrics for the times that I'll be setting two tables. I wander through the on the bolt stores, and I'm constantly thinking, "Now that would make a great tablecloth!". Hey! I can think of a lot worse addictions! Thank you for sharing your project for your 'new' Duncan Phyfe table. We've had my mother-in-love's DF table for years. Such a wonderful design. Cherry Kay

  7. Fun table cloths are so hard to find. I'm so glad you shared this one. You had me at the black and white. :)
    Pam @ BeColorful

  8. Pretty! I don't think I've used a tablecloth since we started using our 10 ft table. All our old favorites were too small. And with this many kids, and the fact that we use it for school, a naked table is just easier. Maybe someday...

  9. Want to know something funny? My wallpaper in the hall has almost exactly the same pattern as your new table cloth! So of course I think it's wonderful! ;)


  10. Love that funny we both confessed our fabric addictions today!!!

  11. How cute!!! I love that trim detail. Love it!

    PS- I'm doing my first every giveaway on my blog and I'd love for you to stop by and enter! Check it out:

  12. Love the fabric, and the black pom pom trim is absolute perfection!

  13. I wish I had a fabric stash like yours!!

  14. I love it! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your fellow P Kaufmann love with me :)!


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