Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Do You Put that Ugly Box?

Rene at Cottage and Vine is in the process of selling her entertainment armoire to possibly be replaced with a tv console.  She's hosting a linkup party to help her with ideas for what to do with the tv.  I'm not a big fan of TV's.  They're ugly and the big ones end up looking like a giant black hole.  The worst part is that you have to orient your furniture around them, because, let's face it, we all like to watch them.  So how do you make this necessary focal point attractive?

This is what we did.  We built an entertainment wall/bookcase across the entire length of the wall in our basement family room.  It was my hope that the tv would just blend in with the entire wall being the focal point.  When we started building this wall, we had a 35" tv set.  I designed the wall with a space large enough for a 42" tv(which we now have.)
 This is obviously still a work in progress.  Half the drawers still need their handles installed and the doors need to be installed.  I have yet to buy the hinges for the doors, so who knows when they'll go in.
We built in an aquarium for another large black glass portion of the entertainment/bookcase wall.

How much do I dislike the look of tvs?  I don't have one at all in our living room.  The one in our bedroom is hidden away in an armoire.  WD's is on an articulating arm and tucks away in the corner of his room.  SB's is tucked up in a corner of his room amongst his stuffed animals.
So this is how I try to hide the big black box.  What about you?  Stop over at Cottage and Vine and check out how everyone else is dealing with their tvs.

Thanks for popping in and checking out our tv storage.  Hopefully posting these pics will be the push I need to finish up the entertainment wall.


  1. I finally just caved in and have it on a wall in our living room. I should do a post about it. We did have a cabinet built below to house all the equipment. My son used to play lacrosse (love watching that game)--now just basketball and soccer.
    Following you :)
    Mary Ann

  2. Thanks so much for joining the tv link with us. Hopefully we can all get some good ideas for the black box :)



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