Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wall Words

I've been seeing wall words, everywhere in blogland.  Mostly vinyl, some handpainted, you find them above doorways and headboards, in laundry rooms and family rooms, in the middle of picture galleries and on a wall by themselves.  I'm a little torn about wall words and I hope I don't offend anyone in this post.  I always like them in other people's homes, but feel like very few of them would work in my home.

This is a bit to trite for me.  I see it everywhere and it becomes less meaningful to me everytime I read it.

I don't want to be told to do anything, even when they're things I'd like to do.  No commands for my house.

Quotes can be fun, but kooky ones like this need a very specific home.

You can't go wrong with a quote from Audrey.  In fact you can't go wrong with Audrey, ever.

 But a quote that's a command would never work in my house,

unless it was a command from me.

I'm not one for sticky sweet wall words, either.  You know the jewelry commercial where the couple is in a cabin in the woods during a thunder storm, and there's a large crash of thunder that sends the woman into her man's chest?  I hate that commercial.  It irks me.  I'm not sure what that says about me, but there you have it.  No treacly sweet wall words.

And if it's both sticky sweet and a command, forget about it.

No commands.  I like statements.  This statement about coffee makes me smile.

So what did I choose for wall words in my house?  A statement.  In french, of course.  I like it that not everyone can read it.  (The same reason why the tattoo on my back is written in Latin)  Translated it reads:  A meal without breakfast.  This is written over the french doors to our patio that are next to the wine and liquor hutch in our kitchen.
I freehanded this one morning after a very late party.  I used a one inch flat painter's brush like a calligraphy pen.  Luckily the spacing happened to work out just right over the doorway.  If it hadn't worked out, I was going to paint some grapes or a wine glass on one end to balance it out.  The trick to freehanding words in a straight line is to place some blue tape at the top and bottom as guidelines, then filling in the tails of the letters after you pull the blue tape off.(the p's and j were finished after)

Thanks for popping in and listening to my ramblings.  I'm linking this up to Just a Girl's Show & Share Day and Housewife Bliss's Fabulous Nest Friday.


  1. Words to live by. :-) I love it! Nice freehand work.
    All the linked projects you do are intriguing.

  2. Very impressive. I thought it was vinyl.

  3. Love witty, particularly appropriate sayings that suit a particular person or family, and done in your own way...Wonderful. I feel the same way you do about the schmaltzier stuff...Gag me.
    I've always thought I should follow Deuteronomy 6 and paint Bible verses on the doorposts/frames of my house, but have never done it.

  4. Very cool! I like it! I also like the sweet mushy stuff too though :)

  5. THAT is the best one yet! Seriously great.
    Mary Ann
    PS. I slipped in basketball playing son into my latest post after seeing your guys.

  6. Very nice! I have the "If you take it out, put it away. --Mom" vinyl in our toy room. And I also HATE that commercial with the thunderstorm. I decided that this morning when I saw it. Yuck!

  7. Free handing in really hard for did it perfectly! It is a great sign.

  8. This is great! Obviously you paint beautifully after partying. Not sure I could even get up there after a late night. Hugs, Ginger

  9. So great! I love that it is in Latin and totally agree that you have to be pretty careful what you choose to put on the wall since you see it everyday. I'm pretty sure that first thing in the morning before I've had my coffee, most of those would just make me more grumpy! :-)Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday this week!


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