Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stenciled Foyer

Before my camera went on strike, I showed you a bunch of sneak peeks and starts to several projects.  We decided that Santa just didn't have the budget for the camera on my wishlist, so I'm making do with an old camera until our mad money account is replenished.  One of my absolute favorite projects that the dead camera ate was this stenciling project.  I had won a Cutting Edge Stencil from Lisa at Vintage Vine.

I was so excited to make over my foyer.  I was tired of the pinkish foyer walls and needed a change.  The camera ate my before pictures.  This is the only pic I could find showing the before color.

I rolled on a base coat of Glidden Warm Grey Flannel.

Love the color!  It's a very warm grey with a violet undertone.  I wanted a subtle tone on tone look to the stenciling, so instead of picking another color for the stencil, I mixed the paint with a clear glaze so that the poppies would have a different sheen level.  It's a tough effect to get on camera(particularly with my very old camera,) but it's absolutely gorgeous in person.

With the overhead light off.  This is a truer color representation, but the flash blew away the stenciling above the shelf.

The Cutting Edge Stencil was so easy to use.  I gave it a good wipe down and have it stored in my craft closet should I ever decide on a less subtle look.

Thanks for popping in and painting with me.


  1. I bet you love it Marcia. SOrry about your camera. The good thing is after Christmas they will all be on sale, so it is better to wait anyhow.

  2. I'm sure the stencils look great! I just love doing projects and making changes.

    I hope you get the camera you want very soon!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. It's too bad it didn't photograph better, but I'm sure it's beautiful in person! I've been wanting to try one of those stencils. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just put your button on my blog. You are such a faithful reader and commenter, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate it. All my best for the holidays - Jennie

  5. Pretty! Great idea to use the clear glaze mixed into the paint. I like tone-on-tone patterns.


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