Wednesday, January 11, 2012

House Goals 2012

If we look back at my House Goals of 2011, we'll see that I only crossed off a few of the items on my list.  So for this year, I'd like to finish the hanging chads of last year, and add a few more goals, too.

I'd like to have a truly organized office space all my own.  To that end, I plan on moving out of my shared office space and into the guest room.  I can't actually take over the guest room, because we do still need to house guests, but I can create a cloffice(closet office) like this gorgeous one from Country Living.

I'd like to create an organized pantry like this beauty also from Country Living.  Right now, I have wire shelving that makes it very easy to knock over jars and boxes, so that it quickly devolves into a jumbled mess.

I'd love a new rug for our dining room.  Hunting down something that makes my heart sing, but doesn't make my wallet scream will be on my list for this year.

Our roof and gutters are being replaced this spring by THI Storm Repair.  That'll go a long way to making our home look better curbside.

I'd like to make our backyard even more of a party pad.  WD is a sophomore this year, and only has another couple of years at home.  I'd like him to be hanging at the house with his friends for as much of that time as possible.  You've all seen my little backyard waterfall here and here, but it'd be nice if it was incorporated into a much larger hardscaping project with large patio for entertaining like this one.
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Thanks for popping in and sharing in my House Goals for this year.  Let's hope I do a better job scratching some of these off the list this year.  I'd hate to be back here next year bowing my head in shame.  I'm linking these up to Nester's Home Goals linkup.


  1. We have a few goals that are similar. I didn't do very well with my 2011 goals either. ;) Love that office nook--that's a great inspiration pic. Visiting from The Nesting Place...hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi (my Home Goals post was on Tues). :)

  2. Love your House Goals Marcia! What great ideas. That office area is so cool looking, and what I wouldn't give for a backyard like's gorgeous!

    Have a great day sweet friend!

  3. Ok, I'm exhausted from just reading all your ambitious ideas. But they are terrific goals and sound like they all are geared towards making you and your family ever more comfortable at home. And that's what it's all about, right? Me, I have such mundane stuff to do -- clean leftover paint out of the basement, donate overflow books to the library and figure out a way to use up all the crazy varieties of cornmeal. Jane F

  4. Popping over from Nester's! An organized and pretty pantry is something I'd love too! Maybe I should put that one on my list too... :D

  5. Those ARE ambitious! My list includes things like pillows, and the big project is recovering dining chair seats. ;-) Can't wait to see all you accomplish!


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