Friday, January 27, 2012

Real Estalker

We're not moving any time soon.  We've put a lot of work into this home and have more planned, just refinanced, and CG is pretty adamant that he has no interest in moving any further from his parents(we live about 2 1/2 hours away.)  Still, I like to look at real estate listings.  My dad shares that love of Real Estalking, and often sends me MLS listings from around where they live(down in GA.)  So for grins and giggles, lets take a look at what 100K will get you both here in NY, and elsewhere.

Just a few miles away in my town, you could buy this 1800 sqft, 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranch built in 1946 in a flood zone,

with this sort of updated kitchen.

Across the river, my cousin is selling this 1325 sqft, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home built in 1930,

with this kitchen.

In Fairburn GA(about 45 minutes from my parents,) you could buy this 3024 sqft, 5bedroom, 3 bath home built in 2006,

with this kitchen.  The kitchen is a bit builder's grade, but could be updated with little effort.  As a NYer paying over 7K a year in taxes, I can't believe how little the taxes are on this place($80/month.)

In Detroit MI, you could grab this 4200sqft manor built in 1927.  It sports a grand staircase, 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3 car garage(around back,) and a solarium.  Unfortunately there was no picture of the kitchen.

I can't believe that ginormous homes like this don't sell at these low prices, but to give it all some perspective, I looked at where 100K would get you even less space than here in upstate NY - NYC.  I couldn't find anything at all in Manhattan, but our 100K play money budget would buy this studio apartment(that's right, no bedroom) in Brooklyn.

It has a beautifully updated kitchen, NYC sized, but quite nice.

Does anyone else like to check out real estate listings, even when they have no intentions of moving?  If you could pick up and move, would you?

Thanks for popping in and sharing in my real estate obsession.


  1. Hi! My husband and I are major league real estalkers! We send each other listings all the time, even drive by homes we like. Whenever we visit a new place, we stop at a grocery store to get the local real estate magazines. We do have plans to move into a larger home, but we are probably two years away from that. That doesn't stop us from getting all excited when we find a house we love! Glad to see that we are not alone! Too bad I can't pick up that Detroit house and move it here! Fun post!

  2. My sister and I used to always send each other listings we found. There was a time when I was so into such things, and apparently had more time (in winter while we were building and living in the 900 sq ft mobile home), I was even looking at listings in Europe! One thing I always loved about moving was getting to look in houses. I miss it whenever we're settled, and have put a couple seconds' thought into becoming a realtor, so I could do it all the time. ;-)

    I can't believe that amazing house in Detroit for $100K! We don't live in a ritzy area at all, but the house prices aren't like that.

  3. That's so fun! I love looking at real estate--sometimes I pretend we're moving so I can browse a certain area. I like your idea of picking a price and looking different places. Sounds like we need to move to Georgia!

  4. I love looking at the real estate ads, too. It's nice to find someone else with that interest. Hubby thinks it's a waste of time.

  5. If we could pick up and move, I wouldn't. I ♥ Las Vegas! Although the home values here have taken a huge nose dive the past few years. Houses around here aren't even worth half what they used to be. It's so terrible.

    We love our house though, so I am thankful for that. When we first moved here years ago, we looked at about 70-80 homes before we bought our first home. It was crazy, but well worth it to have looked at all of them. Even though trying to find a home can be stressful at times, it was also fun checking out all of the different houses.

  6. I enjoyed reading this. I don't follow real estate but I think I would enjoy doing it. I am a New Yorker also but a city New Yorker and real estate is off the wall, despite how much it has gone down.

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