Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That Ugly Vest Party

I promised pictures of the New Year's Eve Ugly Vest Party that we attended.  Get ready to shield your eyes.  I sewed my vest using an old t-shirt as the base.  The back of the shirt had a crazy godzilla ripping apart the world graphic.  I added ugly holiday plaid, ribbons, ornaments, and faux fur.  I was sure I had the prize wrapped up.

I was oh so wrong.  Only half the guys participated, but Philly Fanatic on the left was the undisputed champion.  He took an old painting t-shirt, went nuts with the scissors,

then stapled on some crazy.  The kicker, it was a Ralph Lauren t-shirt and still had the RL logo on it.

The competition was mostly between the women who dug deep to find some seriously ugly vests.  My BFF wore not 1, but 2, ugly vests.

BFF's mom brought over a handful of possibilities.  Her ex apparently bought her a closet full of ugly vests.

You can't tell from this distance, but my newly engaged friend on the left had pheasants, deer, and hunting dogs all over her vest.  Her mom's tapestry vest was 2 sizes too big.

Some were too big, and some were too small.  My MIL showed up in a holiday sweater vest that was 2 sizes too small.  She had to be coaxed into wearing it, but had a great time at the party.

CG and his dad both wore their ugliest sweater vests, which were the nicest looking vests at the party.  CG had talked about cutting out the nipples of his vest a la the movie, The Clockwork Orange, but ended up not doing it.

It's not a New Year's Eve party without party hats.  WD and my BFF had two of the only party hats to be found in the tri-city area.  There seriously wasn't a single party hat or noise maker left in any store.

We set the kids to making some party hats.  You can see how excited the boys are about this job.

Party hats didn't happen, but we still had fun without them.

Thanks for stopping by and partying with me.


  1. That is so much fun Marcia...you all looked cute in your ugly vests LOL!

  2. Those are some ugly vests! What a riot...I love fun parties like that! :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. These vests are a great reminder that vests should never come back in style. :) You all look awesome!


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