Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Pillows

I'm always one of those shoppers who hits the clearance racks first.  50% off?  Pfffft.  I don't even consider buying unless it's at least 75.  The other day I was at Kohls with coupon in hand and the promise of Kohls cash back when I spied these pretty placemats.

They were part of the St. Nicholas Square holiday collection and were 80% off, but there were only 2 and I never set a table for less than 6(there are only 4 of us, but the dining table looks lonely with only 4 chairs, even with all the leaves out.)  Still they were very pretty and marked down to $1.59 each.  With my 20% coupon, that brought them down to $1.27 each.  They went into the cart and once I got home, I ripped out one of the side seams, and grabbed some Poly-fil from my craft room to stuff the placemats.

A simple slip stitch closed up the open seams.

Voila!  Easy throw pillow.  I love that the silver ties in with the wingback chair that I covered here.

Easy, peasy new throw pillows.

Thanks for popping in and sewing with me.


  1. Great job! I'm the same way w/shopping, always hit the clearance racks first!!

  2. Awesome! Love the price on those guys!

  3. You scored and your pillows look fabulous....BOOM!

  4. I'm not sure I've ever thought about making pillows out of placemats. At least I know I've never done it! These look great.

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  6. Sorry about that! I love the pillow! Love those kind of sales!! Great job!!! cami

  7. Love your new pillows! WOW--what a great idea. I would've never thought of it!
    You're so creative!
    Have a great day!

  8. What a FUN way to add touches of holiday decor or color to your room! This seems like the kind of sewing project I might actually be able to do! ha! Thanks for linking up & sharing at Craft Monkey'n Monday! I'm sharing this project on my Facebook page!

  9. What a great pillow you made!! I have tons that need a facelift like this!!
    Come by and sign up for my fun giveaway!

    bee blessed

  10. adorable, and cheap I must say too :)


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