Thursday, January 6, 2011

House Goals 2011

So, I've already shared my personal resolutions for this year here.  I've got some goals for the house, too.  Although I suppose these are goals for me too, since the closets aren't going to organize themselves.

1.  Create an organization system that really works for the front hall closet.  I've organized the coat & shoe closet several times, but none of those systems have taken hold.  Currently, we can't put away coats without stepping on shoes. 
I dream of something like this.
But since my reality doesn't exactly match up to Christina's(except possibly the half naked child playing with my shoes,) I'd be happy with this.  Just simple order.

2.  Rebuilding my stairs.  Currently the stairs that lead to our basement are a scary deathtrap.  We were completely oblivious to that until this past year, when I ripped the carpet up off of them.  This change allowed us to see how much the stairs move and bounce when you traverse them.  Scary stuff.  Checking underneath them, there are no stringers.  The stairs are nailed into tiny cleats, not stringers.
I'm not sure if I'm going to go with painted risers like these.
Or something fun like these wallpapered ones.
3. Build more bookshelves.  We're a family who loves to read.  Each of the boys have bookshelves in their rooms, and we have shelves in the family room, but I'd like to build some in the living room also.  Some of the best light is in the living room and it'd be nice to keep my fave books there.
4.  Finally put some $ into the landscaping.  We love our backyard.  We have a deep wooded yard, the deer come right up to the house, turkeys come down off the hill, and it's not unusual to see a rabbit or a groundhog.  Unfortunately all that wildlife means that our grass is patchy, and our flowers and veggies get eaten and trampled on.  We'd like to plant some new grass, put in some hardscaping, maybe a pond, and finally plant a garden that will look pretty year round.

5.  Overhaul my laundry room.  This one is way down on the list, because it might be a 2012 project.  I showed you all my pretty laundry room doors that I created here.  It'd be nice to walk into an equally pretty room.  This is a much larger both CG and myself type project, so it may not get done this year.  DIY remodel projects can be hard on a couple and I'm not sure if we're ready to handle another big project just yet.  We've been discussing how hard DIY remodels are on a marriage over on the Gardenweb Kitchen Forum in this post here.   Sidebar: if my MIL is reading this please, for the love of all that is holy, don't click on that gardenweb link.

Thanks for popping in and listening to my house goals for the year.  I'm linking this up to the Nester's Home Goals Party.


  1. Thanks for your suggestion about my bi-fold doors. Love yours! Maybe I can talk my husband into helping with that.

    Good luck with your goals this year! Hope you end up with storage like Christina! ;)

  2. Good luck with your 2011 goals!!!! I am thinking about re-doing the laundry room too....I may also put that one off a bit...Hey, my 14 yr. old plays Lacrosse too, it sure is a great game to watch. Thanks for sharing at the Nesting place.

  3. Best wishes. Our books line the edges of our dining and living rooms...All along the floor. Bookshelves are a definite need, but not sure they'll make the 2011 list... And I can't even talk about the yard! But I'll be watching to see your progress and maybe get a few pointers/ideas.

  4. Ahhhhhh those wallpapered stairs!! Love that idea!

  5. Just read your GW post. Hehehe You know how to get things done! I have no doubt everything will be finished this year. Landscaping and laundry room are on my 2011 list, too. Congratulations on the Jets win. The better team won. Good luck!

  6. Looks like we all have similar house goals for this year. Hopefully, we can all check a bunch of our lists.

    Cotehele, WD didn't even get to watch the win because we were away at a wrestling tournament for the past 2 days. He wrestled very well and his team won, but they didn't finish up with trophies until 9:30. With 9 of the boys on the podium and the team winning the individual crown, we had to stay for the entire ceremony. The boys didn't get onto the bus until nearly 10, then it was an hour and a half drive back to the school and 15 minute drive home. WD kept checking his phone for game updates, though.

  7. Congratulations to WD and his team! The Jets won so they will play again.

  8. Wouldn't we all love a closet like that first one? I definitely am loving the decorated staircases too!

  9. We're working on re-doing our stairs... I just came to your blog from The Nester's link party from last year. Now I'm curious to know how you ended up finishing your stairs!

    We are ripping off the carpet, sanding them down and then will probably do the bright white risers and dark stained steps. I was thinking something like Funky Junk Interior's stencilled, rustic stairs would be nice... but not sure if I could pull it off!! lol


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