Monday, January 10, 2011


I promised myself that Christmas would finally be packed away by this past weekend so that I could finally start on some new projects.
Silly me.  I forgot that the majority of the weekend would be swallowed up by WD's activities.  He participated in an out of town 2 day wrestling tournament on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday he had a chorus concert.  WD wrestled extremely well, as did his team who took home the trophy for first place out of 22 teams.  Since I've already posted pics of my sweaty teenager in spandex, I give you this pic of SB keeping himself occupied during the looooong 2 days.

How does he always find pretty girls to play with him?

And this video of WD all dressed up at his concert, singing(and dancing) "Your Mama Don't Dance."

Still, a promise is a promise, so Christmas has been packed up and put away.  The tree is on the curb and the Christmas closet looks like this.

I'm lucky enough to have really deep storage closets in my basement.  If you take away that first layer of boxes, you'd see this.
There's 2 equally deep closets to the right of this one that takes up an entire wall in the basement.  So , if you were wondering where in the world we keep all that Halloween decor, that's the answer.

Thanks for popping in and listening to me rehash my weekend.  I'm linking up to Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphosis Monday.
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  1. Wow...That's a lot, and you're VERY organized! I envy you those deep closets.

  2. Don't feel bad. I'm still packing up my Christmas stuff. I'm hoping to finish up today. Blog hopping is so much more fun than packing up stuff :) Have a good day!

  3. Hi there! I need to get organized too...all you gals put me to shame. Following you back. And yes you are a newbie and I will add you to the growing list of features if you would like me too. I have to poke around a bit to get to know you first. See you soon, details to follow.

  4. Ok, I'm feeling better about all my tubs of Christmas stuff now b/c I see you have alot too. Unfortunately, I'm still packing it all away & have no basement storage closet! Wish I could say I was done. ;O(


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