Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I posted 1st day of school pics earlier today in the rain, and the rain just kept coming.  By midday schools were closing and sending kids home.  It was a very short 1st day for some kids, and a very long one for others.  There were a few washed out roads, so some bus routes couldn't go out and parents of the kids on those routes had to come to the schools to pick their kids up.  This was my road at midday.(Sorry for the poor driving/camera phone pic.)

 Our backyard waterfall is a raging torrent of water.

Broome County(the county we live in) just issued an immediate evacuation order for all areas that were flooded in 2006.  They're predicting that the river will rise above 2006 levels.  This was the Walmart plaza parking lot in 2006.  The water was at the tops of the cart return rails.

This "lake" is Ty Cobb Stadium in 2006.

This was our basement in 2006.

We don't live anywhere near the river, in fact we live far up a large hill, but the water rushing down the hill overwhelmed our french drains,and topped our foundation.  It was literally raining from the ceiling tiles in our basement.  We've dug new drainage ditches, laid new pipe & gravel, and so far it's holding.  We don't expect water this time around, but I know that those who live in lower areas will almost certainly be flooded again.  Fingers crossed the river level predictions are wrong.

Thanks for popping in and commiserating with me.


  1. Oh my goodness! Too much rain in some parts of the country and too little rain in other parts. Here's hoping everything will ease up and even out soon!

  2. Oh, I am glad you are Ok. I am seeing on some other blogs that people have not been so lucky. Goodness, it seems no part of the US is safe this year,water or fires! Living in Orlando we have our eyes on all of the hurricanes lined up like trains.


  3. Broome County - I didn't realize you lived near Binghamton. Both my husband and I went to Binghamton (that's where we met). It's pouring here too. Hopefully the sun will come out again soon.

  4. It really is crazy how some parts of the US are just waterlogged and other parts are parched this year! Hope all goes well for you and your family!

  5. Oh my goodness I can't believe it... that is just AWFUL! I hope so badly it STOPS SOON! As you know, Minot is still dealing with the aftermath of that horrible mess.
    I hope it stops soon and that EVERYONE stays safe.

  6. It is amazing how fast a day can change! Hope you stay dry this time. Today, it drizzled rain all day, but the mulch under the trees is still dry. Wish you could send some of that extra water our way.
    Did you get through any of the stack of magazines this morning?

  7. The coasts are so diverse, today here it was 94 degrees and shows no change for the coming days. I love the heat but I love the A.C better :)

  8. What an odd first day of school! Such a change in your plan. I hope and pray you stayed/are staying dry! My parents' home flooded (22" inside) several years ago, and it was so stressful.


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