Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Ball & a Crazy Mom Rant

It's September, which means it's time for Fall Ball.  Fall Ball around here usually means some of this
WD being pursued in a hard driving rain.

and some of this,
SB at soccer practice

or even catching some late season baseball,

but it used to mean some of this.
WD playing QB.

WD stopped playing football a couple of years ago, but many of his teammates from his youth football years still play.  He's been friends with many of them, like The Tank, since he was 7 yrs old.  The two of them were on the same football team for 6 yrs together.

Now the Tank is a freshman, and plays first string defensive tackle on the JV team.  We of course had to go out and support him for his first high school game.  He faced double and triple teams all day, but still managed to notch several great tackles.

It was a beautiful day, and the boys had a great time cheering on their friends.  I had a great time, too, with one small exception.  I happened to notice a girl wearing this t-shirt.  WTF?

I can't understand how any parent could allow their child(and she was a child) to wear a shirt like that, much less at a school function.  I don't think it's appropriate for a 15 yr old, or really anyone at all.  (Okay, it might be funny on a 40yr old man at an adult party.)  Where do you even buy a shirt like that?  Strippers R Us?  While it's always a possibility that the girl snuck out wearing something else over the top of the shirt, the reality is that her mom was at the game, and she continually walked back and forth between her mom and her friends.  So what do you think?  Am I overreacting?  Is this just how it is?  Are things like this sold in the girls' department, and I just don't realize it, because I'm outfitting boys?

Thanks for popping in and listening to my rant.


  1. Oh. My. God.
    There are no words. As the mother of 5 boys and a 17 year old daughter, I give you a ton of credit for holding your tongue. I'm thinking someone would have had to hold me back from having it out with her mother. And I truly believe my daughter would have applauded me. That poor child is being taught exactly where her parents think her worth lies.....

  2. Oh, that is just awful. I agree that kids often know how to get around their parents, but if her mother was there and allowed her to keep that shirt on.....well, I just don't have any words. I truly can't think what I would have done/said.

  3. What an awful shirt! don't like that at all when this suppose to be kids just having fun playing sport then we see this nasty shirt!

  4. I love your rant! There is no possible way my daughter would ever be wearing something like this. I think you're right about Strippers R Us because I've never seen anything like this in a regular store. I can soooo relate to all the boys sports and the endless hours spent at games.

  5. Girls are too grown these days!!! I hate seeing young girls dressed crazy and worse than I would ever dress and I'm 26!!! I'm old school like that :) Your boys make me want to have boys, and make them play football :) JK, only if they want!

  6. I would never let my daughters wear that shirt. (For the record, I'm pretty sure they'd both be grossed out by it.) That's not even funny, it's just tacky. Hard to believe the mother didn't say anything.

  7. The unfortunate thing is that I have seen shirts like this in a regular JUNIOR department of a clothing store. And that was back when I was shopping in those departments for myself when I was 15! I will never forget a girl in my class sophomore year of high school that wore a shirt that said "Porn Star". I just thought, "Really? Is that really your goal in life? How depressing for you."

  8. P.S. Great photos of your boys! I definitely need to get my son into some kind of sports.

  9. I'd like to think that her parents don't know she owns that shirt. Who knows though, once when I was working in fifth grade at a teacher conference we told the parents that their daughter's clothes were too tight and dad said "why not let her wear them, she's hot". GROSS

  10. Looks like you guys had fun at the games...that's great!

    As for the shirt....I'm with you! Seriously, I'm surprised a school employee didn't ask her to leave or turn it inside out.

  11. You're not crazy! I'm so sad for that girl. So young and sooooo many issues already.

  12. I've seen some shirts that I would never let out of the house except in the trash, if they'd ever gotten in. But I've never seen one worse than that. You had every right to be shocked.

    Love your new Favicon!


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