Thursday, September 8, 2011

We Made It Through, But...

The rain ended early this morning, and we made it through the night with a dry basement.  The trenches and new drains that CG had put in held up to the onslaught of water.  The only blip we had here was that a skunk had taken refuge in our garage.  Don't ask me how it got in.  Unfortunately not everyone here was as lucky as we were.  Our friend's parents' home early this morning had 4 feet of water in the basement and the water was still rising.  That would be floating drywall that they had been planning on using to finish off the basement.

This is the bridge around the corner from their home this morning.  For those who don't live near water, the rivers and creeks will continue to rise for up to a day beyond when it stops raining. 

All that water that came down on the hills is still running down to the creeks and rivers, swelling them even further.  That's why even though it hadn't rained all day, the river wouldn't crest until tonight.  All the driveways on my street looked like this all day long - a river of water coming down off the hill.

You can see all the cars submerged in the Walmart plaza.

There are hundreds of homes between this plaza and the river.  Homes that are all seeing at least some flooding.

I spent part of my day driving around, trying to check on friends in lower lying areas to help out any way that I could. The task was made more difficult, because so many of the roadways had been closed.  The parkway that connects Vestal(my town) to Owego(the next town over.)

Owego was particularly hard hit, seeing over 10" of rain.  The Owego Elementary School will take weeks to recover.

An aerial view of Owego.

  My cousin's home was in an island type section of Johnson City.  Her home stayed dry, but there was flooding to the south, west, north, and east of her.
Thanks for popping in and checking on our wet, wet area.  Please keep this area in your thoughts and prayers tonight.

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  1. Thinking of you, your friends and family in this most difficult circumstance.

    Love and Hugs and many prayers!

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    Art by Karena

  2. SO glad that you are safe, saying a prayer for you - x

  3. Glad you made it through, So sad for the people that didn't what a helpless feeling!!


  4. Oh my goodness you all have gotten so much rain!!!! I am so glad that you, your family and property are all okay!

  5. I worried about you all day yesterday. So thankful your house made it without taking on water. Isn't it nice when hard work pays off? You are so sweet to check oh your friends. No doubt they were thrilled to see you. My heart goes out to them. Take care, still.

  6. we are praying for you and our many friends in your neck of the hard to believe...thanks for sharing what's going on with fridays unfolded.


  7. How frightening! Glad your home was ok. The weather sure has been scary this year!

  8. Oh wow that's outrageous! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, and everyone affected by the flood! Glad you all are fine!

  9. That flood is just awful. I'm glad your home is still ok, but seeing the other homes was just terrible. I hope so badly everyone is staying safe. Thanks for updating on it.

    On a lighter note, your muffins look and sound yummy! You always make the best stuff! I bought a case of peaches a while back and made peaches and cream muffins with some of them. They were SO GOOD! I even frozen some, so we are still nibbling on them!

    I hope you have a nice, DRY weekend!

  10. Oh, Marcia, I have been in awe of the photos that you and all my friends have been showing on Facebook! In all my years of living in NY, I have never seen anything quite like this and my in-laws live in a floor zone!!! This is going to take some time to clear up and clean up!

  11. Oh may goodness!! Sending you and family prayers. Hope the flood will go away soon and everyone in your family is in a good health.

  12. Wow, I'm glad your house is ok and feel so bad for the other homes and businesses that are flooded. We had extensive flooding in 2008 here in Iowa and our city is still recovering! Prayers your way!

  13. That is awful!! Thanks for sharing those amazing photos, and I'm sorry you're all going through this. It's terrible. :(


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