Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to Replace your Showerhead

I'd have come up with some cutesy rain/shower title for this post, but with all the damage that this area has had because of rain, I just couldn't do it.  Read more about the rain and floods here.I was shopping the other day when I found a showerhead on the clearance rack.  It wasn't on my shopping list, but I love a bargain, and ours could definitely benefit from replacing.  I know that the ultimate showertime horror is this classic movie,

but my shower runs a close second.  First of all it's a stand-up coffin.  There is barely enough room to shampoo, much less shave.  I've had plans to rip out our master bath and completely redo it, so replacing the nasty showerhead hasn't ever been on my list, but when I found one marked down to $14.97, it jumped in my cart.  Want to see the scary one?  We have hard water, and I have to soak these things in vinegar on a regular basis, and yet they're all gunked up.  I swear, I do clean in there.

Even scarier is the side spray, which I've never used because it's covered in rust.  Eek, look at the broken disgusting sprayer line.

First things first, I removed the old one.  It twists off with some muscle and a wrench.  Righty tighty, lefty loosey.  I then grabbed some steel wool and cleaned off the pipe threads.

I cut a length of plumber's tape and wrapped the threads with it.  Plumber's tape is like floral tape, you need to take both hands and stretch it a little for it to stick.

I attached the new head and side sprayer making sure to buffer the wrench with a towel so as not to scratch the new one.

Voila!  Less scary shower.  Both heads are bigger and offer multiple spray functions.  Yay!  Ignore the floral wallpaper border, it's on my list.

Thanks for popping in and DIYing with me. 
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  1. You are a woman of many talents! The new shower head is lookin' good :) WAY TO GO!

  2. First photo got my attention! lol I love the double shower heads! We replaced ours too. Wish I had known about this option. Storing it for future reference.

  3. Isn't great how something so daunting can be tackled and turn out great! You rock lady:)

  4. You sooo crack me up. GOT to love plumber's tape.

  5. Great post! I had the Hubs change out the one in the boy's bathroom, but it's so easy I am sure I could have handle the project alone.

  6. I made the husband change out one recently. There's no reason that I can't do it myself if I put my head to it!

  7. You never cease to amaze me with your skills. You can do plumbing too! (And it sounds like we have the same shower. I had issues bumping elbows against the walls until I grew used to it.)

  8. Wow, you really are a supermom! That is too cool. I will have to show it to my hubby - ha ha!


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