Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Time to Play

Sometimes running your kids around town to all of their activities can be a drag, and sometimes you can revel in the fun of it all.  Today was a day for revelling.  It was just a gorgeous, crisp, autumn day.  The sun was shining and the leaves were putting on a show.

And what better way to enjoy it than sitting outside in an open field surrounded by those glorious trees.  We got to sit out in the sun this morning watching Snuggle Bunny play a game of soccer. 

At his age it's mostly swarm ball with no set plays and all of the kids just chasing after the ball. 

He loves it.  The running around, the teammates, the occasional contact with the ball, the high fives, and most importantly the snack afterwards - he's excited every time game day rolls around.

I love that the emphasis is on the basics with no score keeping.  After all they are 5&6 year olds and prone to look like this during parts of the game.(Yes, he is twirling.)

And sometimes like this.

To be fair, SB was tired.  He'd had a sleepover the night before with his best friend, the Princess.  The kids had a long weekend for Columbus Day and so they fit a sleepover in.   P is 8 years old and is 5 1/2 year old SB's very best friend in the world.  P's mother and I know that the time for sleepovers is short with the age gap and the separate genders.  Nobody wants to be the creepy parent who allows sleepovers when their opposite gendered children are 10 & 12. 

So the kids played hard during the sleepover.  There was some running around outside and rolling around on the grass.

Lots of building marble runs and Legos and such.

The two have such a great time together, but we know they really only have another couple of years to enjoy sleepovers like this.  The big question of course is - how old is too old?  I need some guidance here. 
Thanks for popping in and reading.  I hope you all got out and enjoyed the weekend weather.

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