Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heart Attack on a Plate

It's no surprise that I love to tailgate.  It combines two of my favorite things:  Football and Food.

I have a number of go to recipes, but this one is a fan favorite that gets requested over and over.  It literally makes men weak in the knees.  If there are any cardiologists reading this - avert your eyes or go find your yacht catalog and start picking upholstery colors.

So without any further ado - I give you bacon wrapped, drunken, cheddar brats.  That's right bacon, beer, cheese and sausage.  Those are the four major food groups, right?

First you need to place your cheddar brats on the grill over indirect heat.  Turn 2 burners on low, and place the brats over the 3rd unlit burner.  Occasionally turn and flip the brats.  The brats are ready for the next step when they have shriveled a bit and the outside feels dry and papery.

Place the brats in a simmering pot of beer.  I use Redbridge's gluten-free sorghum beer so that DS1 can enjoy these, too.  Don't worry all of the alcohol burns off leaving just flavor.  After simmering for a bit the brats will have plumped up again.

Pull them out of the beer and wrap them in bacon.  One slice each.

Put those puppies back on the grill, but this time over flame, to crisp up the bacon.  Watch them really well, because bacon will flare up when over a flame and you might return to briquettes. 

While this is going on, continue simmering that pot of beer until it has reduced to a beautiful, deep caramel colored sauce.  Pour this over your brats when they've come off the grill.

This recipe has made men cry tears of joy and offer up marriage proposals.  Use it responsibly.

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  1. These sound scrumptious - well worth the risk I think! And I love your four food groups :)

  2. My hubs would LOVE these! All his favorite food groups too! Ha! I'm your newest follower! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Great recipe! Perfect for Tailgating! I love your pyramid Ha! Thanks for joining the Tailgate party!

  4. These are a "MUST" make soon. Love the men crying and proposing!

  5. Thanks for the comment love, everyone! And the new followers, too! Definitely try these out with your man's favorite beer. I always recommend cooking only with beer or wine that you would enjoy drinking, because the alcohol cooks off and all you're left with is flavor, and who wants food that tastes like skunky beer?

  6. I can understand why those would be a hit! Looks delicious. Thanks for participating in Gluten-Free Wednesdays!

  7. Absolutely wonderful for tailgating! Thanks so much for linking up to Tailgating Time last week. Hope to see you again this Sunday! :-)


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