Friday, October 29, 2010

Git Outta There

We've been busy decorating the vast majority of the house inside and out.  I've shown you the graveyard in our front yard here and our kitchen and basement here and here.  I've started to turn Snuggle Bunny's room into a mad scientist's lab, but the finishing touches won't happen til tomorrow, because it's kindof hard to sleep in a room with ghouls.  You may be wondering, with so much of our house ready for the parties, how do we keep our guests from wandering into the rooms that we don't want them in?

Good question.  And there are several ways we handle this.  Some are a little subtle.  Like this Do Not Disturb sign that I printed up for our master bedroom.

Here's a printable version of the tombstone.  You can right click on it then print it out.

We also just wall off spaces that we don't want people to go in like the hallway to the garage.

Or we do a combination of walling off the spaces plus some over the top theatrics.  The left of this space is our guest room which is currently housing every piece of furniture removed from the party ready rooms.  And to the right is our office.  We don't need guests in there.
The blurry blue light is a moving, moaning ghost with a skull head and skeletal hands.  It hangs above a "dungeon pit."

Here's a closeup of the dungeon pit.

So there you have it.  Some of the ways we keep the private rooms private.

Thanks for popping in and check out the neat projects at Just a Girl's Show and Share party.  The next time I post, I'll have pics from the halloween parties.


  1. love your halloween ideas! Soo cute. I'm obsessed with this holiday, my house is completely overtaken with decorations!

    Coley at

  2. it Would love for you to share at my "Creative Halloween Party"


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