Friday, October 15, 2010

Double Double, Toil and Trouble

Like it is with so many others, the kitchen is the heart of my home and at Halloween time it's the warm still-beating heart-in-a-jar of the home.  Come on in for the tour. 

Entering the kitchen you're met with a welcome sign hanging in the doorway.

And at your feet, goblins trying to escape through the cellar vent.

To the right is the liquor hutch that I detailed here.  There's broom parking for visiting witches alongside the hutch.

And to the left are the creatures escaping my pantry.
Further down that wall, there are creatures trying to escape the stairwell that leads down to the haunted caverns.  I'll post pics of the caverns next week.
Everyone knows witches and cats move in the same circles and this kitty lets you know you've entered the witches' den.
It wouldn't be much of a kitchen without a cauldron for the witch of the household.  Looks like she's ready to boil and bubble with frog's breath and eye of newt.
My little gremlin(Snuggle Bunny) couldn't help checking out what was bubbling in the cauldron(a wad of tulle.)   Looking past SB, you'll see a zombified mummy trying to bust his way in through the french door.

Exiting out the way you came, I couldn't let you go without a "Fangs for Coming."  The welcome sign was $0.97 clearanced after last year's Halloween.  After I hung it in the doorway, I noticed the ugly backside with partially scraped off price sticker.  I couldn't very well let that fly.  So I printed off a fun graphic for the back and all it cost was the ink.

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