Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Wreaths

There's nothing like a wreath to add a pop of color to a door, mantel, or tablescape.  Autumn's colors and textures beg to be used in wreathmaking.  There are so many different kinds of wreaths that it's hard to choose just one to make.  You can choose from the bounty outside and use leaves, twigs, fruit, berries, hydrangeas, and straw.  Here's a few.

{Local Floral Shop}
Dressing up a Mantle

{via Country Living}

Autumn Berries

{via Haute Apple Pie}

Grapevine, Foliage, and Fruit.

{via ehow}


{via Crafty Cuppa Coffee}

Burlap(Love the Texture)
{via Where the Heart is}

I loooove this scrabble tile one.
{via Out of the Crayon Box}

Fabric Rag Wreaths
{via A Little Bit of Everything}

I love all of these wreaths for one reason or another, but there was one that I could make without buying anything and that's the fabric rag wreath.  All it takes is a wire hanger and scraps of fabric.  I'm one of those girls who can't bear to throw out her fabric scraps when a project is completed, so I have bags of random fabric.  I decided to make a Halloween wreath vs an Autumn one since I have a ton of black fabric.  I chose a black gabardine(band uniform costume,) black velveteen(I don't even know what it was used for,) and embroidered copper taffeta(great room drapes.)  Here it is.  Sorry about the overexposed photo.
I love how simple this was to make and how quickly it came together, not to mention the $0 price tag can't be beat.  If you'd like a step-by-step tutorial with better pictures than I would have taken, check out Tanya's fantastic tutorial at A Little Bit of Everything.

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  1. I love all of these wreaths! Yours turned out really cute, I love the first one too!

  2. I dont know if my first comment worked so I'll try it again, haha, I love all the wreaths, esp the first one and yours turned out really cute too!

  3. I love that first one, too. Blogger has been acting weird all day. It took me forever to write this post. Hopefully whatever update they're doing tonight will resolve the problem.

  4. I haven't seen the one with the large burlap bow before! Love that idea... Fabric wreaths are fun too and yours turned out great.


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