Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Once a year CG's family converges on the cottage for a day of family, food, and fun.

It's a time when the cousins can all spend some time together.

Here's SB's favorite cousin, The Bossy Girl(he likes bossy girls in general, but this is The Bossy Girl.)

The weather cooperated, and everyone was able to get out on the lake for a swim.  The kids all took turns on the jet ski.

When offered up the chance of heading out on the boat, I declined and stayed on land with a few of the older generation.  I think it was a good choice because I enjoyed several hours of adult conversation, while the adults that went out with the kids looked exhausted when they got back.  I even was able to sneak away for a bit with one of CG's aunts to do some yard saleing.  I'll share my treasures in another post.  The only kid to stay back was the newest one, seen here with the family matriarch, his great-grammy.

It was a terrific day, and so nice to see some of the family that we don't see as often.  The next day was a bit cooler, but we were still able to get out on the water.

WD showing that he can walk on water.

Up above him, high on the bluff, was this eaglet.

This is what it's all about.  You spend all winter dreaming of a day like this.

We'll be back up to the cottage this weekend for WD's birthday.  We've taken a few of his friends up to the cottage for his birthday weekend for the last few years.  Hopefully the water will be just as inviting.

Thanks for popping in and spending the weekend with me.
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  1. Wow looks like a great place for a relaxing retreat and to see some awesome wildlife is a huge bonus.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The cottage looks like so much fun and so many happy memories being made.

  3. What a wonderful time you all had! Looks like a lot of fun :)

  4. Looks that little baby face!!

  5. what a special time with loved ones...and that eaglet was an awesome find...thanks for linking up to fridays unfolded!


  6. I love summer weekends like this, visiting with family and friends. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!


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