Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays #2 - Floor Me

This month flew by.  I can't believe it's the third Thursday of April already.  Last month's party was terrific and I hope everyone's ready to party again.  With all the running around for Easter, it was nice to be able to snap a couple of photos of something without working on a tutorial.  Today I'm sharing my foyer floor.

When we first moved into this home, there was the original red-grey-green, slate-look, vinyl tile floors from the 60's.  This was long before I started blogging, so forgive the lack of a before pic.  I knew I wanted to replace the flooring with real tile, but having just bought a house, our money tree was bare.  I was walking through Home Depot one day and found a couple of boxes of "Cherry Blossom" marble tiles clearanced for $1.99/ft.  I snagged them.

There wouldn't be enough to do the entire foyer and closet, but there was enough to make an "area rug" out of the tiles.  Since I had zero interest in trying to cut the marble, I decided it'd be best to go with that rug look.  So I was on the lookout for field tiles that would go with the marble.  I looked for a couple of weeks when I came across these fantastic 8" listellos also at Home Depot.  They were the perfect colors to frame the marble.  Even better they were clearanced to 48 cents apiece.  They had the exact amount I needed + one, so I bought them all.

Still on the lookout for a matching field tile, I found these very basic 8x8 marble-like swirly ceramic tiles at Lowes.  They were basic, cheap, and there were enough to tile the foyer closet plus the foyer border.  Plus being ceramic, I was confident that I could make my cuts with the basic score and snap cutter and tile bit on my rotozip.  It took the better part of a week, but I ripped up the yucky floors and laid down the new without too much trouble.  I think CG was rather impressed and I've done all the floors and tile in this home since.

So let's party!  Remember to follow the party rules - they're pretty basic.

1.  This is a Before Blogging party.  So link up any thing you made, bought, designed, etc. before blogging.  If you scored a sidechair from the curb, painted a room, made a craft, or DIYed a solution sometime before blogging it qualifies.  Snap a pic and join in.
2.  Grab my button from my sidebar and add it to your post.
3.  Go visit a couple of other party guests.  It's a great way to meet other bloggers.
That's it.  Party On.  This linky will be open for a week so invite your friends.
I'm linking this up to Fireflies and Jellybeans' Show off Your Stuff Party, Remodelaholic's Remodelaholics Anonymous Party, and DIY Showoff's Project Parade.


  1. Oh my what a throw back that is! LOL.....
    girl, I just spent 20 minutes in my archives, I have nothing so far. I don't have too many before blogging photos because I never would take pictures except of our boys. I will look again later on:)

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by and inviting me and your lovely comment...I added my link here.. I'm your newest and hope you will be mine..Loved your tiled area rug and how creatively you used the two different tiles... I have those same "Cherry Blossom" tiles around my fireplace...thanks for hosting!!Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks my dear for informing me about your linky..i am linking..thanks a bunch for hosting.
    Lots of Love :)

  4. UHHHHH - still looking for before blogging projects. It isn't that my life didn't exist before blogging but I simply NEVER took household project pics before...oh, and we didn't have a house before I started blogging!! Let me see if I can come up with something... This is HARD!! :)

  5. Thanks for linking me up and keeping me informed.

    I was trying to think of something house-related to share and didn't even give my entry 'tile rug' a thought. Yours is lovely!

    Like Little Brick Ranch, I didn't document my 'before blogging' project-life in photos well enough.

  6. Trust me, everyone, I didn't take anywhere near as many pics of projects and things, in fact hardly any, before blogging. I actually walked around the house with my camera last night thinking, "Hmmmm, what's clean enough to take a pic of." The boys' bath was definitely not making the cut.

    The great thing about this being a Before Blogging party is that I don't think anyone's expecting tutorials. It's more of a "Tada!" showcase for whatever you might want to share whether it's something you made, bought, found, or whatever.

  7. Wow... you are handy! I don't have the skill or the confidence to cut tiles.... you did a super job!

  8. Thanks for the invite to this party and for stopping by at This & That Creative! I will have to go take some pictures. I'll be back!

  9. You're quite the bargain shopper - nice job!


  10. I work in a flooring place, and design for people all of the time. You did a fantastic job! Trust me! You should be so proud. You left a comment on my blog, & I am now your newest follower. :)

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and inviting me What a great idea this is because most of my stuff was done before blogging and I don't have any tutorials on any of it. That is a very cool tile rug you have created and it does look like a fantastic job! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    Marianne :)

  12. There is greatest in everyone and you just found and made use of yours.Beautiful,clean and tided floor.Thanks for sharing.I wish i could afford attending this blogging party.It's a brilliant idea to create a group of bloggers to learn and share idea and experiences.Nice initiative.Keep it up.Meanwhile plz do check my blog on freeing your mind read it,follow,be inspired and comment to improve my works too.Have a wonderful day.Thanks.

  13. Love this party! Look forward to it each month!!

    I'm sorry I'm late to the party! With house guest here, I haven't had much bloggy time :(

  14. Love this idea! As I am now into my 4th year of blogging its hard to remember a before. :)

    Happy Easter to you and yours!


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