Friday, April 8, 2011

How Men & Women See Color

Another GardenWeb forum member posted this image of How Men & Women See Color in a thread over on the Home Decorating Forum.

I thought how incredibly appropriate her posting was.  The other day I posted this pic of the job ahead of me.

The nails have been pulled, I nosed around in the garage, but couldn't find the paint.  I didn't try that hard, the garage scares me.  The house is mine, the garage is Computer Genius's.  I was at a crossroads.  I could do the job properly - patch, prime, paint - or I could just slap up my next wall decor.  I pulled out the spackle and patched.

So back to that color view chart from above.  I asked CG to go out to the garage and grab me the living room paint.  I even told him it was Laura Ashley Taupe 3 in satin.  Yes, I do remember a paint color from 8 yrs ago.  When I spruced up our shed, I asked him for the semigloss Battlefield Brown(a deep army green,) and he was shocked when I was right.  So asking for Taupe - this is what he came out of the garage with.

CG - These are all the possibilities.
Me - What?!
CG - This one is Tea Room Yellow, this one is...
Me - That(pointing)'s the one.
CG - This one says Taupe 3
Me - Right.  That's the one.  Laura Ashley Taupe 3.
CG - It says L A Taupe 3.
Me - {Big Sigh}

My point to all of this, is that he looked at all of those paint splotches, and they all looked the same.  1(the newest looking can) is from our kitchen and a creamy yellow.  2(the ochre, and sienna) are from our master bedroom.  Yes, it's got an overwrought tuscan thing going on which is why you've never seen my master on this blog.  It's ready for an overhaul.  1 is oops paint used by WD's Odyssey of the Mind team to make set drops.  None of the other 4 could ever be called taupe by a woman.

It turns out that there isn't enough left in the can to cover the wall, so I'll be heading out to buy paint anyway.

So is it just my hubs?  Or is it all men?  Tell me it's all men.  Tell me your hubs can't see color either so I don't have to wonder why mine thinks that all those cans hold the same color.  Thanks for popping in and letting me know I'm not alone in this.


  1. He doesn't really want to be involved with this is how I read it. They only want the scores.

    Once you get the painting done, with the color you want, he'll probably come in and say how great it looks.

    I have so much extra paint, wish I lived near you -- I'd bring it over. Jane

  2. Same thing here, my hub too lazy to get involved, all up to me to decide. Regarding the flour, in fact both are the same, you can safely use them. After pouring the pudding in a tray, let them cool to room temperature then place them in a refrigerator to speed up the cooling process. Slice to your desired shape. Happy cooking!

  3. That is so funny! Is it a color thing or a vocabulary thing? Mine does pretty well with seeing differences in color. I'm not sure if I said "ochre" or "sienna," he'd have any idea what I meant.

  4. Say what, he tought they were all the same, I think they just don't want anything to do with colors and paint so they play dumb LOL!!


  5. That is a great post thanks for passing that along!!!! Mars vs. Venus thing again?!!!

  6. That chart is so interesting... and may explain a lot! Not sure If my Hubby is the same way, but we'll be painting our new house soon so I'm sure I'll find out!

  7. Funny! My garage scares me too. I don't even try to ask my husband about color. Fortunately, though, he lets me have free reign of the house....he DOES get the garage.

  8. I have conversations like this with my husband all.the.time. and it gets worse when we have the same color in semigloss and eggshell...he (because he's an engineer) put in all the formulas for the different rooms on a spread I tease him about that :D

  9. I'm a man,and I have to say that men seem to see colors differently than women. I think it's funny that my sister went to the trouble to pick out three different colors for her livingroom, when they all look like different shades of white to me. No, I pass the color blindness tests with ease.

    Men see different shades of red, blue, green & yellow, but apairently women see each of those shades as a different colors.


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