Friday, September 17, 2010

Sprucing up & Organizing

So with the advent of being child-free for 6 1/2 hours every single weekday, it was time to take a look around and stop ignoring my house.  I started with some cleaning and sprucing up of the outdoors.  The shed was all gross, mildewy, and spidery(is that a word?)

I wish I could say that I chose to spare you all(look at me, pretending I have readers) the horror of the before, but truth is I didn't take a before pic.  I promise to do better with the picture taking process in the future.  But trust me, it was horrific.

I brushed off the cobwebs, scrubbed the yuck off, and gave it a fresh coat of house paint.  It's a modest little shed, but sooooo much  better.

Obviously, some yard cleanup still needs to occur.
I'll have more pics of the outside stuff coming up soon.

I also have spent a good deal of time organizing the closets in the house.  The one I'm in love with is Snuggle Bunny's closet.  I decided that as a school-aged child, he is now old enough to be putting away his own laundry.  This meant the double hanging rod system had to go in favor of storage he could reach.  Here's the result.

And here's a couple of closeups of the sorting tags.

I think my favorite tag is the pajamas one.

Using inspiration from John & Sherry over on Young House Love I took the doors off of his closet for easier access.  I'm debating whether or not to do a fabric curtain like they did in their nursery.

I'm glad to report that the system is working and Snuggle Bunny has successfully been putting away his clothing.  Whirling Dervish's closet system has also been a success(huge considering he is not my neat & tidy child,) but the closet is less exciting since 14 year olds don't need or want colorful picture tags.

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