Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poignancy and Sweetness

This was a difficult weekend.  Computer Genius's great aunt passed away last week and we all travelled to Philadelphia to pay our respects to the grand dame.  She was a real pip.  The kind of woman who would challenge all preconceived notions of what an elderly widow was.  She could cuss like a sailor, but would set you straight if your table manners weren't up to snuff.  She drank and smoked right til the end, but did it dressed to the nines without a hair out of place.  She wasn't afraid to voice her opinions, and rest assured they were well researched opinions because she read everything.

This pic was from CG's and my wedding day.  She saved our first dance.  I wanted to wear my traditional white wedding dress for our first dance before changing into my red asian wedding dress for the remainder of the reception.  My bridesmaids, sisters, etc. all tried to bustle my dress, but couldn't.  We were in a near panic, when I said that the grand dame could do it.  She had gone with me to a fitting and amongst all of the embroidery and beading had seen the tiny little loops needed for bustling and demanded asked that the flaws in my dress be fixed immediately.  The fitter explained that those were the thread loops were for bustling, all the while I(with my much younger eyes) tried to find those tiny loops amidst the embroidery and beading.  Back at the reception, she was found and had me bustled in moments in time to take the dance floor for our first dance.

We brought the kids with us for this difficult weekend, thinking it might be hard for them, but we'd help them through.  But kids learn how to behave in the world through their parents and it seems we've done an acceptable job of it.

Remember how Snuggle Bunny used to finger his belly button to comfort himself?
I was sobbing during my father-in-law's eulogy during the church service.  SB had never seen me cry and was growing concerned.  He sat next to me and patted my leg, then gave me a big hug, then still trying to comfort me - rubbed my belly and started digging around for my belly button.  Naturally the sweetness of it all made me smile and cry harder.

Hold your family tight and give them all hugs tonight.

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