Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fruit Spread Pastries

I love making desserts with puff pastry, because they're so easy to put together, and always impress.  I made Mango-Passion Fruit Pastries the other day for my Poker Party Buffet spread.

Here's how you make them.  I start by beating together 4 oz(1/2 brick) of cream cheese with 1/4 cup honey.

Here it is all combined.  You can skip this step if you happen to have some mascarpone in your frig, just use that.

I cut off about 1/5 of my GF Puff Pastry recipe for this.

Beat on it with your rolling pin, then roll it out to a roughly 10"x16" rectangle.

Trim off the edges.

Using your pizza cutter, cut into 15 squares.

Spread a rounded teaspoon of the cream cheese mixture across each square.

Add a teaspoon of fruit spread on top.  I had a jar of mango-passionfruit preserves on hand.

Dot opposing corners with eggwash.

Pull up on the corners and press together.

Fold the corners over and crimp them together.  After they're all assembled place in the frig to chill for 20 minutes.

Bake in a preheated 400 oven for 20 minutes.

If I'm making more than one variety of fruit pastry, I like them to be different shapes.  This way no one is surprised when two similar colored jams are used - like tart cherry, and raspberry.  For my raspberry pastries, follow the steps from above ending with adding the fruit spread on top.

Using a paring knife, cut diagonally in from the corners of the squares.

Pull a corner up, brush with egg wash, skip a section and pull the next corner up, continue around.

This will create a pinwheel.(Sorry about the blurriness of these last pics, I think I got some flour on the lens.)  These also are chilled before baking.

Thanks for popping in and baking with me.  I'm linking this up to Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free's Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays,  Gluten-Free Homemaker's Gluten-Free Wednesdays, and Little Big Ranch's Foodie Friday.
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  1. Wow, these look delicious! I'll definitely have to try these! Have a wonderful day :)

  2. These look almost too pretty to eat! I love puffed pastry. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. Those look so good! I'm coming over! :)

  4. These look SO good. I'm in a baking mood today, and just picked up some cream cheese this morning. I wish I'd also thought to pick up puff pastry, because I've never even used it before and not sure I'm feeling energetic enough to try to make my own.

  5. Those look so good! They make me want to fire up my oven! Will put this in my "to-bake" file...

  6. Oh, wow - those look so good! It's a perfect day for baking because it's all cold and rainy out, but I don't want to go out and get any of the stuff because... well... it's all cold and rainy out. Will you just send some of these to me? :)

  7. They look amazing. I'm planning a brunch for Mothers day and these will totally be making an appearance.

  8. Oh my...I sure did not need not need to see these yummy goodies...since I just off of the treadmill:)


  9. Not only do these look DELICIOUS and YUMMY, they are so pretty! THANKS for the tutorial...I really appreciate it.

    Have a great day!

  10. They look delicious, perfect for a Brunch!

  11. Total amazingness! LOVE these and cannot WAIT to try my hand at making them! yay!

  12. These look super cute but seem surprisingly simple...just how I like it! Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday and stay tuned for Mondays giveawy...just a hint, it will make the 3 hr drive to Ikea so much more worth it! :)

  13. I love baking with puff pastry. It makes everything taste great!

  14. these are beautiful...I love puff pastry too.

  15. Thanks for linking this to Let's Do Brunch.

    I have been playing with puff pastry recently and came up with some beauties. I agree totally with you about how much you can do.

    I have to try what you did. You have great directions and they are so pretty.

    I am glad you linked up so I could find your blog.

    If you would like to, please link something up to My Meatless Mondays.

  16. Those look yummy, and I could totally see wanting to make those all the time to try different flavors of filling. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  17. Thank you for sharing! Those look SO good! I am following!

  18. Hey, thanks for the blog visit and comment love! I have bebop ing around on your blog for about 30 minutes now....lots of cool ideas and inspiration all gathered into one spot....and this whole post is YUMMY!!!!!!!!

    I am a new follower as I can tell I am going to want to see what you are up to!

  19. These look beautiful as well as delicious! Thank you for sharing them with Let's Do Brunch. This week's linky is now up so I hope you will come along and join in again if you haven't already :)


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