Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pottery Barn Inspired Moss Monogram

My front door has been bare since the Christmas wreath came down.  That's a long time to have a naked door.  I love the way that moss says spring, and moss monograms have been absolutely everywhere in blogland.  The original Pottery Barn live moss letters retailed for $77 each.

Carrie over at Dittle Dattle made this one with plywood that she cut with her jigsaw.

I've seen them made with a foam base like this one from WeddingBee.

My jigsaw skills are only so-so, and after my last power tool mishap, Computer Genius would prefer me to do non-power-tool projects.  Foam can be pricey, plus cutting foam is messy, so I looked around for something else to use for my "G."  I came up with this.

It's a threaded metal rod used for I-have-no-idea-what, but it was less than $5 for a 10 ft length, and could be bent with my bare hands.  I muscled it into a G shape.  I'm a pretty strong chick, and I'll have to admit that bending the ends made me break a sweat.

I wrapped the G in duct tape to create a surface to glue on.

I hit it with some dark green spray paint.  I always have dark green spray paint on hand.  When you have a black thumb, and you look up and notice that your bonsai & succulents are brown & dead - 3 seconds with your trigger finger, and all of a sudden you look like Suzy Homemaker.

I hot glued reindeer moss to the G making sure to overhang the edge a good deal for a heftier looking letter.

It took 2 packets of Dollar Store reindeer moss to cover my very large letter.

I suspended it from a yard of ribbon that I thumbtacked into the top of my door.  My "after" door is definitely not naked anymore.  This whole project cost $7, and completely changed my entry.

Thanks for popping in and crafting with me.  I'm linking this up to Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphosis Monday, and Censational Girl's Spring Party.
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  1. What a great idea! It looks awesome. I think I like it better than a wreath - but then, I love moss ;)

    If you ever want to try foam, they sell foam cutters - little buggers that heat up. The blade cuts thru styrofoam like butta!

  2. Very creative....what was the power tool mishap??? HAHA, did I miss that? I love those moss letters too, they are so classy in any room/door..etc.

  3. Love the moss letters out in bloggyville-haven't tried it yet but can't wait! I'm your newest follower-stop back for a visit!-Claire

  4. Yours came out so well. I love it.

  5. I love this! Very creative and looks so nice!

  6. I see you are lovin' some moss looks great! thanks for coming to my party...please don't forget to grab my NTT party button...thanks.


  7. Oh, I love this! I've never been much for wreaths, but I can definitely see making a big mossy 'K' for our front door. Thanks for the post!
    Thanks also for visiting my site and commenting on the crock recipe. I'm just getting started, and appreciate the encouragement. :)

  8. I say what ever gets the job done! and yours gets it done fabulously!! Thanks for linking up. Have a great week :D

  9. I have seen several people do this & I think it would be easy to make! I am just iffy because our front door tends to get a lot of sunlight! Know of anything that I could spray that would keep the moss from falling? Thanks! :)


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