Friday, March 4, 2011

Things I'm Liking & a Quick Question

I thought I'd share a couple of things that I'm liking right now.  Plus please, please, please answer the question at the end, even if you don't normally leave comments.  I need help deciding.

I was at Lowe's the other day, and  I saw this allen + roth drum shade ceiling fan.
This looks like it could help to solve the divisive ceiling fan or not question.  Every time the subject of ceiling fans come up on the GardenWeb Home Dec forums, the sides are vocal and mostly divided along north/south lines.  Northeners tend to be adamant that ceiling fans are ugly and must be taken out at every opportunity, and southerners tend to say - it's hot down here, ugly be darned.  Now this pretty little ceiling fan isn't going to solve every fan dilemma, because of it's size.  It's probably only suited for bedrooms, but I'm liking it.

Another thing I'm really digging on right now are the fun, flirty dresses at Shabby Apple.  I know they've been everywhere in blogland lately with giveaways, but this isn't a giveaway, and they're not sponsoring this plug.  I just like them.
I love the cool breeziness of a dress for spring & summer, and they're buttoned up and ladylike enough to not embarass Whirling Dervish.  WD is a teenager who doesn't want his mom to be seen in shorty shorts, no matter how good my legs are or how hot it is out.

So on to the question that you can hopefully give me some guidance on.  I'm a fairly new blogger, and I know a lot of my readers are, too.  I've been DIYing, crafting, and creating forever as I'm sure you all have been, too.  So I was thinking about holding a linkup party called Flashback Fridays or Throwback Thursdays or something like that where we could post an old project with a description, and link up to see some of the projects that we're proud of that haven't seen the light of day on our blogs.  What do you think?  I'd love to hear if it's something you'd be interested in linking up to.  And what about the name?  Frequency? Once a month, or twice a month?  Preferred linkup service?  I wanted to make this a poll so you could just click on the answers, but I don't know how to do that and Computer Genius is still sleeping.

Thanks for popping in and checking out what I'm liking.  And a super big thanks in advance to anyone who answers the call for help deciding.


  1. Yes, I have noticed the war on fans for sometime now. My take on it.... I'm a born and raised northern and agree they are ugly! However, I've lived in the south for 16 years and they are a must!!! With the high ceilings in our home we would die or pay outrageous electric bills to keep our some comfortable.

    The light/fan from Lowes' is pretty cool!

    Yes, I think there are a lot of bloggers that are really proud of some of the projects that they have done in the past and would love the opportunity to share them from their files! Great idea :D

  2. I love your idea, then I always have a link ready to go! I skip many linky parties if I have to do something extra to join.....
    I have heard another blogger recommend to wait until you have 1000 followers to host a linky party. Something to consider - it is hard work getting links. A lot of networking! I do a linky party and I keep it open all week just so I can get more than 1 or 2 linkys.....

  3. Love that cute dress. I am on the pro ceiling fan side even though we don't have any living near the beach (but when we lived in Florida they were great). I wish I was more crafty (getting better--just did a custom bulletin board)...I would try to participate in your link-up though.
    Mary Ann

  4. The fan light is brilliant. I'm not too crazy about the leaves on it for my own taste but I love the concept.
    As for the linky party, it sounds like a good idea. I'm not a big d-i-y and rarely have crafts to show but I'd visit your party.

  5. I've never seen a fan like that! We're in the northwest, and although I think they're kinda ugly, my parents had one and I believe in how they can make the house more comfortable, summer and winter.

    As a new blogger, linking parties are a little confusing to me, but the idea of showing past projects sounds like a good one...especially since I was just trying to think of a way to blog about the wall quilts I used to make. If I was to participate, I think once a month would be enough.

  6. I say do the linky party and they will come!!!! I'm a southern girl....I hate to admit it but we have to have ceiling fans here in TX! I look at mine all the time and wish it would go away!

  7. I'm sure the link up party would be a hit. Maybe you could do a trial run before making a commitment to run it as a regular thing.

    The ceiling fan is very nice - I've had my eye on the exact matching chandelier for the dining room for my new house! Love the dress too :-)

  8. Im in Texas too and as much as I dislike the fans come July and August you are so grateful tht they are spinning! The linky party sounds great, old things always work their way back maybe it would remind us of things we used to do and love and inspire us to do them again!

  9. I'm a northerner who loooves ceiling fans. That's a nice one -- ceiling fan in disguise I'd call it. I just go for them and put them in almost every room because the circulation of air is great and keeps the a.c. off. And screen doors.

    As for the link up there are a lot. People do love them. Thanks for stopping by. Jane

  10. I lived in the south for 16 months and grew to really appreciate the ceiling fans. My new (old) house has them in the bedrooms and I'm going to leave them. I hate air conditioning and much prefer an open window and fan. The dress is super cute. And your linky party sounds like a winner. I'm your newest follower. Thanks for visiting Cottage and Creek. My late husband graduated from UB too. Great school. Just hoping my son actually does graduate this spring. We're on the 5 year plan right now!


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