Saturday, July 23, 2011

Banh Mi

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I live in a smallish city and the traditional vietnamese sandwich, Banh Mi, has been something I haven't been able to enjoy in a long time.  Last year, when CG went to NYC for a week on business, he brought home a couple of them for me.  Imagine my joy when I saw a recipe for them in Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, My Father's Daughter.  Now her version is a prawn sandwich, but that's not how I eat them so I used chicken in mine.

This is my adapted version of her vietnamese prawn sandwich recipe.  The night before I planned on making these sandwiches, I prepared the pickled carrots and sauce, and marinated the chicken.  She says to make these at least an hour ahead, but I find it easy to prep items just before bed and my final kitchen cleanup plus I wanted the chicken to sit in the marinade for a long time.

For the pickled carrots, I shredded 3 small carrots, and added them to 1/4 cup seasoned rice vinegar, 1/4 tsp salt, and 1/2 tsp granulated sugar.  She used rice wine vinegar, but seasoned rice vinegar was what I had.  I liked it this way.

GP used vegenaise, but we're not vegans, so I used mayo.  For the sauce I whisked together 1/2 cup mayo, the juice of 1 lime and 1 1/2 tsps sriracha.  I like things zippy, you could use less sriracha.  Speaking of sriracha, GP has a recipe for homemade sriracha, but I just used the bottle in my frig.  When I run out, I plan on giving her recipe a try.

In a ziplock baggie, I placed 1 split chicken breast, 2 tbsps GF soy sauce, 2 tbsps toasted sesame oil, and 1 tsp fresh grated ginger(not ground ginger.)

All of this went in the frig overnight.  When you're ready for lunch, grill your chicken.  While the chicken is cooking, julienne a half an english cucumber,

and grab some basil and cilantro from the garden.

Banh mi is made with baguettes.  I made my own rolls for this to keep them gluten-free, but buying baguettes would be way easier.
Split your bread lengthwise with a bread knife.

Grill the rolls on both sides, while you shred the chicken.

To assemble the sandwiches, I spread the sauce on both halves of the roll.  Placed a layer of pickled carrots followed by a layer of  julienned cucumbers.  Next layer on the herbs followed by the chicken.

These sandwiches are like a taste of childhood for me.  Whirling Dervish loved his, so it looks like these will go on the lunch rotation.

Thanks for popping in and cooking with me.


  1. Marcia,
    What is sriracha?
    I have never heard of it?
    I am sure I would love this. I love marinated and pickled vegetables!

  2. These look well tasty, and I'm a zippy freak too. Sirracha is one of my favorites!
    Thanks for sharing.....

  3. My sister raves about these sandwiches, and I've never even had a sample! Thanks for sharing your sounds amazing!

  4. Thank you! I love these sandwiches but have never ventured out to make them. I will have to try now. :)

  5. What a yummy sandwich...I need to get this cookbook and I love sriracha.

  6. Yummy! I've never had this sandwich before but it looks absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I will put it on my 'to-eat' list :)

  7. Isn't it funny how certain foods and smells from our childhood stay with us? Whenever I smell bread baking it reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would have loaves of bread lined up on the counter. Oh and I'm impressed that you have a meal rotation! I guess you don't fly by the seat of your pants like I do. :o)

  8. Never heard of sirracha, but who cares, it looks yummy!! I think I'm going to make this sandwich tonight for dinner...that's it! I have some foods that remind me, as soon as I smell them of my mil who died 2 yrs. ago and was a great cook...and mother of course, it's funny, ha?! Thanks for sharing, sweetie, I will let you know how it went. Lots of hugs, FABBY

  9. Oh my heck!! That looks delicious!!! I am so happy for you! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This really looks delicious! Of course I'm going to have to figure out what sriracha is and I can't get cilantro to grow for me. Thanks for sharing


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