Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Autumn, not Winter

I needed to drive Snuggle Bunny to school today and what did I find in my driveway?


That's right, frost.  Not just a light coating of frost - the kind that disappears when you start up the heat in your car.  A thick coating all over.  One that needed the use of an icescraper, a tool found in the bowels of the garage.  Now if I was driving alone to the corner store, I might have scraped off a little of the windshield and hunkered over my steering wheel, peering out of the tiny hole, but with SB in the car, I needed to scrape every last, vision shielding bit off.  Safety first and all.

So why didn't SB just ride the bus?  Because of the completed project he needed to bring into school.  His kindergarten class is doing a project in which every family decorates a feather to adorn a giant turkey cutout.   Again why couldn't he ride the bus with a feather?  This is why.

That's right.  It was enormous.  That's a sixteen inch ruler sitting next to the feather.  The whole family was supposed to work on this project together, but Whirling Dervish is in high school and has hours and hours of homework every night and Computer Genius was working, so SB and I completed it together.  Lots of glue, pictures, buttons, glue, stickers, eyelets, glue, beads, springs, glue, feathers, puffballs, and more glue.  I'd show a picture, but the boys' names are fairly prominent on this project and I'd have to blur out most of the feather to show it off.

Frost or not, I'm not ready for winter.  It's still autumn and I still have bunches of autumn projects that I'd like to tackle.  I took down all of my exterior Halloween decorations and my door was looking a bit bare.  I showed you some of my autumn wreath inspiration pics here.  I pulled out some grapevine and feathers and got to work.  I pulled some of the grapevine free from an old garland and arranged it in a circle.

Started attaching feathers, from my big box of random things, with floral wire.

Continued around the circle.

The wreath was still looking a bit bare when all of the feathers were on, so I wired in some berries, too.  This wreath can work for both autumn and winter with the red and golds.

Cleanup was super easy, because I just picked up the four corners of the fabric scrap that I'd been working on and shook it outside.

I also made a fabric wreath like the one I made here.  I grabbed a bunch of fabrics from my scrap pile.
You'll remember fabric #1 from my outdoor projects post here.  I used it to re-cover SB's patio set. Fabric #2 was microsuede leftover from a costume a few years back, #3 is the tone on tone damask that I used to reupholster a hand me down love seat, and #4 is more leftover embroidered taffeta from my great room drapes.
And here it is completed.

 Both these wreaths were made for free with bits and scraps from my craft room.  I love a cheap makeover, don't you?  I need to convert my halloween mantle into a fall mantle and start working on Christmas cookies.  Thanks for popping in and checking out my wreaths and check out the other neat projects at Someday Crafts's Whatever Goes Wednesday, Just a Girl's Show and Share Day, and Crazy Domestic's Linkup Party.


  1. Way cute wreaths! I love the fabric one!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  2. You sure have some pretty fabrics in your scrap pile! I love the wreath. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I have scraps from pretty much every project I've ever worked on. I just can't bear to throw away the leftover pieces when I'm done.


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