Monday, November 15, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Yesterday we finally got a win!  Yay!

Computer Genius and I are huge Buffalo Bills fans.  We have bunches of signed memorabilia and this custom carved rug hangs on our family room wall.

This decade year there hasn't been much to cheer about.  But finally, half way through the season, we have a win.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to watch them win.  CG was driving down to NYC during the game and I was watching Whirling Dervish win a few games of his own.  He had a double header.  One game at 2 and another at 4.  They won both games by a combined total of 38 to 4.  WD was moving and passing great and had a couple of nice shots.   The boys wanted to hang out at the diner across the street or go shopping between games, but have you ever been around a bunch of teenagers who've spent the last hour running?  They smell like a petting zoo who's diet consists of  snacking on three day old onion subs found in a dumpster.
Seriously gross.  So wanting to spare the innocent public, I spent the whole afternoon at the sports complex keeping track of the football scores on a friends much fancier phone.  I need to get one of those.  Even WD's football team won.  Did I forget to mention that he is not a Bills fan?  Even though he was raised to be one.  Even though I stood in line at a taping of the Thurman Thomas show and none other than Bruce Smith held WD when he was just a few months old and signed his little onesie.
That's right not a Bills fan.  A Jets fan.  A fan of a team that is a division rival.  Grrr.  It was sheer torture when I spent 2 weeks custom painting his room
in Jets green with a jersey hanging in the faux open locker door.
So wins for everyone yesterday.  We celebrated with a big ol batch of wings and fries.  Not the healthiest of dinners, but sports appropriate, and we eat plenty of veggies most of the time.

With CG in Manhattan all week, I'm tackling Snuggle Bunny's room.  The wallpaper stripping is done and I'll be spending today patching holes and priming.

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