Friday, November 12, 2010

Butterfly & Dragonfly Cupcakes

Snuggle Bunny turned 6 the other day and of course I had to bring cupcakes into school to celebrate.  SB's school is one of the few where it's still ok to send in homebaked goods.  SB requested Butterfly and Dragonfly cupcakes, always a crowd pleaser, and I happily obliged.
I went with a basic yellow cake with sprinkles mixed in for the cupcakes and a cream cheese frosting with some blue decorator gel for the dragonfly cupcakes(dragonflies lay their eggs on the water surface.)  Everybody has their own favorite cupcake recipe so I'll keep today's tutorial to the bugs in flight.  Everytime I trot out these piped decorations, I get asked "How do (I) get the wings to stand up?" 

Well here's how.  Start by cutting a sheet of waxed paper into squares.
Fold the squares in half.
Melt colored candy melts in the microwave and place in piping bags. 

Pipe out a butterfly or dragonfly.  I tried to take a pic of the piping, but I pipe right handed and couldn't take the picture left handed since the button is on the right side of the camera.  Incidentally, do left handers have a tough time with that?  Back to the piping.  I pipe my bugs out freehand, but you can print out a clipart outline off your computer and place your waxed paper over the outline if you'd prefer.  After piping out each bug, immediately transfer the paper to your flight mold.  I use folded cardboard in an egg carton for my dragonflies

And Butterflies.
When each flight mold is filled, place in the freezer for a few minutes to set.  Once the chocolate has set up, you can stack them still attached to their waxed paper, and store them until you're ready to decorate the cupcakes.
Here's the whole tray, ready to go into school.

And now you know my secret to bugs in flight.

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