Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where's that Money Tree?

If anyone was wondering why we DIY all our projects instead of just hiring out - this is why.
broken 7k

Last spring I posted a pic of 2 lacrosse heads broken within a week of each other, here.  This shaft lasted nearly 7 weeks, so not too bad.  It's a carbon fuse composite - stronger than aluminum alloys, but lighter than titanium alloys.  You can buy it right now off Amazon for $110.  That's $110 for a headless stick.  WD's using a back up stick today, but I'll be shaking that money tree for a new shaft.  Laxers should always have one stick waiting in the wings.    Sigh.    He does love the sport, though.
lax pass

Thanks for popping in and seeing where my renovation money keeps going to.


  1. it will be college tuition. Enjoy!

  2. YIKES! Those are quite costly!
    PS--if you find that money tree, let me know! :)


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