Monday, April 23, 2012

One Last Blast of Winter

After coming home with tons of flowers to plant this weekend, I was reminded by Mother Nature that we live in Upstate NY.  Never ever bother planting anything before Mother's Day.

The view out our front window this morning.

We were lucky.  Just to the west of us in Tioga county, they received much more snow.  Tompkins county received as much as 10 inches.

Thanks for popping in and enjoying this last blast of winter.


  1. so so so sorry!!!! : ( mother nature can be cruel can't she!!!!! sending hugs and hot cocoa!!!!

  2. I feel so far removed from snow I can't even relate anymore. I heard about the storm on the news and thought "those poor people", hahaha. My father, who lives in Maine, would say not to plant anything before 4th of about a short summer. Toss on a sweater and stay warm. :)

  3. Snow? OH NOOOO!! so sorry to hear that! I hope it melts soon, and warms on up!

  4. We finally hit 70 this weekend! But it was in the 30s at night just last week, so I know we're not guaranteed to stay warm yet.

  5. Crazy! We had near 80 degrees on Friday and we're in the midst of a winter storm warning today with 4-8" predicted. Thankfully there's nothing but I'm just ready for spring already! I should go out and pick a bouquet of lilacs while I still can!

  6. This is just crazy! I can't believe how cold it was today. On the weekend, my hubby got a sunburn at the park. He was going to let my son play in the water if they would have had time. And then today, 30 degrees. So strange! I'm glad we didn't get snow though.
    Pretty photos!

  7. I can't get over the weather there. Hope it melts soon.

  8. You keep that nasty stuff up there!
    Your New Friend, m.


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