Thursday, April 19, 2012

These Boots Were Made For...

Strutting, For Sure.  Shopping, Absolutely.
Hauling Stone?  Not so much.  After you all urged me to run back over to the redemption center to ask about the granite slabs I posted about the other day, I had to squeeze in a stop while I was running some errands.  The folks at the redemption center knew nothing about the stone, and pointed me to the neighboring business on the other side of the parking lot.  I asked about them at the other building, and the gentleman I talked to told me that I could take any of the broken chunks on the ground for free.
I only grabbed a couple, because I hadn't really been ready for that answer.  While I may be able to squat 270 and bench 90lbs, lifting chunks of stone in heels without work gloves is not something I'd recommend.  My hands are all chewed up from my efforts.  The little one in the front is brown and red.  CG really liked this one and said I should go back for more.  The large one has the prettiest garnet inclusions and to my eye looks like it could be Bianco Antico.  Score!
At about 20lbs per sqft, the big one works out to about 180-200lbs.  I am woman hear me roar.  When I got back to the house, CG unloaded the little one then asked me to grab one end of the big one.  I responded, "I got that in the van by myself."  He just gave me a withering glance, and I grabbed one end.  I think these will make some fantastic outdoor tables or something.  The folks over at the GardenWeb Kitchen Forums gave me some great ideas.
granite table
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I'll be going back in some sensible shoes w/ work gloves to take a look at what else is there.  Oh, If you're wondering why the stone is in the passenger section of my van, the back was already full of groceries, and I didn't want to move them all to flip the back row flat.  I'll be ready next time.

Thanks for popping in and checking out my free haul.


  1. SCORE!!! Great job! I can't wait to see what you do with what you got. :)

  2. You sure got your weight workout in for the day! I don't think Bianco Antico has garnet inclusions... Maybe Bianco Romano? EIther way, and even if I'm wrong...A great find.

  3. Cute boots for sure...but an even better score Marcia!

  4. What a fabulous haul! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  5. Your nuts...just sayin' (but a great idea!)

  6. Well Done Girlie!!!! :) there more there WE should grab? :) tee hee!

  7. I laughed when I saw the pictures of your car! It looks EXACTLY like mine (well.....take out the granite and insert about 10 yard sale finds)!

    Love the wedge boots, too :)



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