Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Bunny

We're heading up to the cottage today for the Easter weekend.  My MIL will be hosting Easter dinner there, and she requested that I make SB's fave "Flat Potatoes."  I can't go anywhere without bringing a dessert item, too, so I made another of SB's faves - Bunny Cupcakes.

Just like with my Shamrock Cupcakes, these start with chocolate cupcakes and creamcheese frosting.  I cut regular sized marshmallows with scissors.  The pressure from the scissors will create pinched petal-like shapes.

Dip a cut side into some sanding sugar,

and add some jelly bean eyes under the ears.  Funny story - when I had assembled my decorations, CG walked through the kitchen and said, "Jelly Bellies!  Where are you hiding Jelly Bellies?"  He has a tough time identifying a dirty sock on the living room floor, but he can spot Jelly Bellies from across a room.

Add a pink m&m nose and some mini marshmallow cheeks.

We packed up a dozen for the cottage, and brought some others to a friend's house.

Thanks for popping in and cupcake decorating with me.


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