Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reindeer Pillow Cover

Nothing spruces up a sofa quite as quickly as new pillows.  With Christmas quickly approaching, I decided to make a few pillow covers, one of which is this Reverse-Appliqued Reindeer one.


and After

Here's how I made it.  I cut out an 18" square of red felt and 2 18" x 10" rectangles of red felt.  I love using felt for holiday projects, because you don't need to hem the edges.  Yay!  Less work.

I printed out a clipart Reindeer, cut it out, and traced around it with a fabric marker onto the square of fabric.  You can use chalk, but this is the wrong side so, I wasn't worried about the color being seen.

I cut out the reindeer shape from the large square.

I covered up the hole with a scrap of gold stripey silk, (Yes, I know, I have the most ridiculously decadent fabrics in my scrap pile) and pinned it into place.

I used gold thread to outline the reindeer hole, attaching the silk, then sewed the pillow cover together with the flaps of the rectangles slightly overlapping.

Thanks for popping in for this quick & easy makeover.  I'm linking up to these parties.

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