Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card Tree

I used to have 70's style wood posts separating the foyer from the living room.  You can see them behind my FIL on the left of this pic.  Every year, I would wind gold wire around these stupid jail cell bars with little curlicue tendrils and attach my christmas cards to them.  It actually was quite pretty.  Unfortunately I don't seem to have a pic of this.
Last year my in-laws gave Computer Genius a reciprocating saw for Christmas.  And at the very first opportunity, I took that sawzall to those stupid bars.  CG had taken the boys sledding and came home to me sweeping up sawdust.  He said something to the effect of, "You weren't going to let me use it first, huh?"  Nope.  I have big plans for a built in knee-wall sized bookcase for that spot.

So this year, I needed a new way to display Christmas cards.  I happen to have a chunk of wall that sits empty as I save up for a very large clock that I've been stalking.  This seemed like the perfect spot for a Christmas Card Tree.  I started with 3 tall green cards for the trunk.  Isn't it funny when you receive 2 cards that are the same?
I continued placing cards with blue tape making sure to keep a good mix of colors.  Just like with tiling, you don't want a big clump of any one background color.  Each row should taper in slightly and care should be taken not to cover anyone's face in a picture card.  I think card trees look best when the rows are a bit haphazard and not perfectly straight.
When I got down to just 1 small card, I placed a cardboard star wrapped in gold foil origami paper on top.  Foil wrapping paper would work just as well.
Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.  This project took less than an hour start to finish and that's with children interupting for snacks, etc.  Speaking of kids, Snuggle Bunny likes that he can look at the picture cards up close since the tree starts down at the floor.

Thanks for popping in and checking out my Christmas Card Tree.  I'm linking this up to Centsational Girl's Christmas Craft Party, and Sew Can Do's Craftastic Monday.


  1. So very cute I love to disply my cards in a neat fashion this is great thanks for the idea


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