Friday, November 11, 2011

Slider Cupcakes

My Snuggle Bunny is celebrating his birthday this weekend.

His school is one of the few left that still allow homebaked goods, and I take full advantage of that.  Last year I brought in Butterfly and Dragonfly cupcakes to celebrate his birthday.

This year, I wanted to do an All American treat.  I've seen these little Slider Cupcakes all over blogland.  I think they were originally featured in Family Circle magazine.

They're so easy to make.  First you bake your cupcakes.  To get the pretty top bun in the FC picture, make sure not to overfill your cups.  I had to trim around my tops, so they weren't quite as pretty and bun-like.  While I was obsessing about mine not being as pretty, but not having enough time to bake another batch of cupcakes, CG asked why I couldn't just make normal cupcakes like everyone else.  Of course, if I could just be normal, CG probably wouldn't have wanted to marry me.

Back to the cupcakes.  Then you bake your brownies, let them cool, and cut them into circles.  I used my no.2 biscuit cutter, but any round cookie cutter about the same size as your cupcakes will do.

I cut my cupcakes in half, squiggled on some red frosting, placed a brownie circle, and went nuts with the frosting.

First green for lettuce, then red and yellow for the condiments.  The top halves were added and the sliders were stabbed with a party pick.  The FC cupcakes have sesame seeds on top, but I couldn't wrap my head around sesame seeds on a cupcake and didn't feel like piping any, hence the seedless buns.

I served these with gummy fries.  If you can't find gummy fries, those potato chip fries would be a cute accompaniment, too.  I used the gummy fries, because they come in a little cardboard fries container.

These were a real hit at the school.  The kids loved the faux McDonalds birthday treat.  Yay to not being normal.

Thanks for popping in and celebrating SB's birthday with me.


  1. Oh my gosh these are SO CUUUUTE!! I love 'em!

  2. AND PS--HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your little man. Those cupcakes are the cutest things I've ever seen. No wonder they were a big hit.

  4. You are the coolest mom!! I bet the kids just went crazy over them :D The slicers turned out awesome but the "icing" on the cake are those gummy fries.

  5. I bet these were a hit. They are too cute; you did a good job. Happy birthday to your snuggle bunny!!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Happy birthday to your little guy!!
    How cute are these cupcakes??!! I've always wanted to try them and also hotdog ones. Thanks for sharing how you made them.

  7. You are amazing! My snuggle bunny is turning 19 on Thanksgiving but I can guarantee you that he would LOVE these!

  8. Very cool! I love those. And a very happy birthday to SB!


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