Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ready with an Open Door

I tend to have an open door policy all year long.  I love it when people stop by, and it's especially nice during the holiday season when I have all my Christmas decorations out and the house is all glittery and bright.

I like to have some simple things on hand for those unexpected guests to munch on.  A well stocked pantry will find really high quality olives, marinated mushrooms, and gherkins for a quick antipasto plate.  Refrigerator staples round out the plate.  I love fresh mozzarella and if you don't have any proscuitto in your frig, some lunch meat will round out the platter.

I bake ridiculously huge batches of cookies at Christmastime, and I usually have a variety of cookies on hand to serve with tea.  I love Harney and Sons' Holiday Spice tea and their Green Tea with Coconut and Ginger is one of my year round favorites.  Right now their tea tins are B1G1 at Barnes & Noble with the coupon pack they send members.

And for guests who show up after dinner, it's nice to throw together a quick dessert with what I consider frig & pantry staples.  I always have some of my GF Puff Pastry on hand in the freezer right next to another quick dessert essential - frozen berries.  I can sprinkle those berries with some turbinado sugar and a smidge of cornstarch.

Roll out the puff pastry and cut into circles for tarts,

and fill the tarts with a couple spoons of lemon curd(a frig staple, either homemade or jarred is fine, too,)

top with the berries, and after a quick 20 minutes in a 400 oven,

I have individual desserts that look like I put a lot of time into them.

Thanks for popping in and feeding a crowd with me.  These are my go to pantry and frig items for on the fly entertaining.  How do you stay ready for drop by guests?

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  1. How lovely Marcia! I am the same way about open door policy, however, not all people are. I remember one year some girls and I decided we would go cheer up a friend who lost her husband around the holidays. Let me just say it was not a warm welcome. She felt bad afterwords but it was the most uncomfortable time I can remember. Cheers to the holidays and open doors:)

  2. Uhhh, yummy Marcia! Cheers honey, it's better to be warm at heart and have an open house, so here I am visiting for one of those delish individual desserts...and yeah, I'm open too! Love, FABBY

  3. That's a yummy looking hors d'oeuvre plate, for sure Marcia. I think you're very brave to just let folks stop by. They do that around here and I'm often in my robe in the morning. But I try to have some goodies on hand. Tis baking season after all. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You are a good friend to have! We live so rural that we don't have anyone drop by ever! I miss it! I'll just pretend I can drop by your place and have one of those yummy tarts!

  5. Wow, you are a fabulous host! If you stop y my house we could all share a carton of cottage cheese LOL! Your comment on taking in orphans for I totally get, I take in people on Christmas Eve that don't have family around, it is so much fun, and they really appreciate it!


  6. The platter of goodies sure looks tasty, and also the desserts look yummy too! MMMMMM!

    Your guests are sure lucky! :)

  7. Marcia you are the best!! As soon as I get the OK to drive again ( I see my surgeon tomorrow) I will be stocking up. An antipasto platter always looks so beautiful and full of goodies!

    Your tarts, OMG!


    Art by Karena

  8. You are the most gracious hostess! Wish I could drop by!

  9. You are such a wonderful hostess!

    I remember you cookie cutter tree and hope you reproduce is this year! Potpourri Friday linkups start this afternoon and remember the big Christmas Tree party next Friday!

  10. Thanks so much for linking up to the party! THe platter looks wonderful:)
    much love,


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