Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Christmas Photo

Last year, I didn't send out a Christmas card.  I was trying to simplify by doing less, but it turns out those cards were missed, because several people asked about them.  So this year, I decided that I would bring my card making supplies with me to Rochester and work on them during the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Before any card making can occur, the Christmas photo needs to be taken, so that I can plan for size and theme.  Here's a Christmas pic from a couple of years ago.

The boys had fresh haircuts and the weather was cooperating, so we headed out to the local rail trail to take some park bench photos.  I took 24 pictures.  It was a battle.  The first several looked like this.

I asked for something a bit warmer.  Try putting your arm around your brother, honey.  I got a headlock.

Which became an arm bar, half nelson, then full nelson.

Full on shenanigans ensued.

This was the best of the bunch.  At least his eyes are joyful.

Needless to say we'll be trying another photo session after school today.  Don't worry not all of these pics are being discarded.  I like the spontaneity, and a few might find themselves as part of this year's Christmas card.

Thanks for popping in and checking out our photo session.


  1. lol! So it gets worse, not better as they get older? My Christmas card is a collage because I couldn't get a good picture of everyone together. Kids!

  2. How funny! We never really got around to taking Christmas pictures, but the ones that we did I really love. My favorite by far is the one of my whole family (only 4, it's not that big!) with both our dogs sitting there with us. It is really special because those are the dogs I grew up with and I love how sweet the picture is!

  3. Gee, I'm glad I'm not the only one with kids who won't cooperate when it's time for photos. Love the kids in a box photo

  4. Try to get 8 pleasantly smiling faces at once! My kids just groan at the idea of a group picture. You did a good job of portraying how such sessions usually disintegrate. ;-)

  5. I love all the pictures! They show how they really are; two brothers that love each other.

  6. Love them! Nothing says Christmas like one brother picking on the other!

    Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

  7. These pics made me giggle. My kids do the same thing. Happy Thanksgiving.


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