Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Wreath

Spring has sprung at our house, and has made it's way onto our front door.

This wreath was so cheap and easy to put together with all my supplies coming from the dollar store.  I started by wiring some floral stems to a wreath form.

I picked up some hanging Easter egg decorations.  They came a dozen to a pack.

I pulled off the hanging ribbon, and hot glued them to my wreath.  That's it easy peasy Springtime wreath.

I had to wait to hang this, because my magnetic wreath hanger needed a couple quick coats of brown to disappear into my front door.

Here it is again on my front door with the newly camouflaged wreath hanger.

Thanks for popping in and crafting with me.

Polly Want a Crafter


  1. So cute. I have plans for wreath, but it didn't include eggs. Now I want to copy those from you. I also need to find one of those magnetic wreath hangers. Great idea to paint it.

  2. Happy Spring! I'm starting to feel the longing for it myself. I love the little eggs on the wreath. Too cute!

  3. This is very pretty and I'm "pinning" this to my For the Home file. I am so into wreaths right now. Thanks for the tute. Linda

  4. Very cute Marcia! I love the dollar tree for all the seasonal goodies, those eggs are so cute. I have them too.


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