Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making Time for Me

A long-time on-line friend recently posted about the need for "Me Time" on her blog Friday is Pizza, Monday is Soup.  This is a subject that I've been thinking a lot about lately.  It's easy as a mom to get wrapped up in the day to day rhythms of laundry, meals, practices, homework help, games, doctor's appointments, etc.  Throw in my blog and volunteer obligations, and sometimes it feels like I don't ever get a moment for me.  I honestly have no idea how working moms do it.

One of the first things to get chucked from a mom's overscheduled life is her health.  It's easy to fall into the trap of I just don't have the time.  But just like with the oxygen mask on an airplane, you have to take care of yourself first, in order to take care of your family.

I'm no stranger to excercise. I ran cross country and track throughout my school years.
Very old pic of me(left) and my shotput throwing friend.

I've run road races and lifted at the gym.  I've had a constant gym membership for the last 15 yrs, but I haven't always been a faithful gym-goer.  You know how it starts.  I have a sick kid at home, I couldn't possibly go today.  I have a PTO meeting this morning, I'll go tomorrow.  There's no food in the house, I need to do the grocery shopping.  Next thing you know, your sneakers are gathering dust.  This year's Planet Fitness campaign is all about No Excuses.  You've heard the commercial - my thumb is itchy, I have to tweet something, I was up late last night - dancing.  It cracks me up, and hits a little close to home.  PF is my gym.

And I've decided to make a commitment to myself.  To pencil gym time into my schedule.  To look at it like any other commitment.  Gym time is my me time and I am making that commitment to make it happen.  I have my work week gym buddy, who sends me semi-harassing texts if I'm not at the gym when she gets there.  We talk about what's going on in our lives and keep each other motivated.

I go with my BFF on weekends.  I've also taken to dragging WD with me on occasion.
bad camera phone pic with WD shouting, "Put your phone away!"

My gym buddy and I have signed up for the upcoming Bridge Run 5K, and I've set goal times for each of us to beat.  My goal time is a good deal slower than when I was running cross country, but I think, a good goal for me for who I am today.  I haven't run a race since WD was a toddler, and I'm both scared and excited about this.

What do you do for "me time"?  Do you make time for yourself or are you too busy fitting everyone else with their oxygen masks?  Taking Care of Mom is Taking Care of the Family.

Thanks for popping in and joining me for some "me time."


  1. I rode my bicycle 400 miles this week on the Natchez Trace Parkway for a fund raiser, but I had just a bag of Fritos for dinner tonight. );

  2. good for you!! I think exercise ends up be for the whole family adult kids all work out now because they watched me and my husband exercise faithfully!

  3. Bravo to YOU. I like a bubble bath, candle, music and a magazine and glass of wine in the evening. Hardly ever do it though.
    Happy ST. Patricks Day!

  4. I believe excercise does the body and mind SO GOOD! We must take time for ourselves first I do believe, but boy is it hard sometimes. We just have to make the time. I know for me, I feel SO MUCH BETTER after I hit the gym or take a nice, long walk. That's cool you have a gym buddy. I think that would be motivating to get me to go more. Plus, it would be fun to work out with a friend. But cut yourself some slack though--you do a LOT of things for others, and you are always busy with projects, cooking, and a million other wonderful things. I think it's great you're going to do the Bridge Run 5k...way to goooo!

  5. I so need to get an exercise time- it isn't my favorite thing to do but I used to love to walk 4 miles a day and haven't done it since we moved 4 years ago- too many stay dogs around!

  6. Good for you! Part of my problem is that my younger-age sports were softball and racquetball. Not something I can do in a spare 20 minutes on weekday mornings. ;-) I wish I could develop the love for running that most of my family has. It's raining/snowing and they're all off at the school track for a change of scenery. Craziness.

    Enjoy your gym time and best wishes on that upcoming run. I'm sure you'll do great!


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