Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodnight Irene

We spent another weekend up at the cottage.  This is probably the last time we'll be up for the summer, and what a weekend it was.  We were celebrating WD's birthday and Saturday was spent boating, swimming, and jet skiing.  But then Irene made an appearance.  I've posted several pictures of us enjoying the lake before, but just in case you need a reminder here's the lake before Irene.
The lake on Saturday - calm and great for swimming.

And here it is after she'd arrived.

There were big whitecaps.

The waves were jumping the breakwall and landing in the bay.

The wind was so fast that you could do a trust fall into it, and not fall at all.

We only caught the very edge of the storm, and my heart goes out to everyone who suffered through damage and heartbreak all up and down the eastern seaboard.

Thanks for popping in and checking out this weekend's before and after, a little different than my typical before and after post.  I'm linking up to Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphosis Monday.


  1. That was an amazing before and after! Glad all is well with you! And that the storm ...Thank the Lord was not as bad as predicted!


  2. YIKES! The after pictures are just nuts! I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed your time before things got crazy! So glad you are all safe. How scary!

    I hope your week goes well :)

  3. Scary! Umm I don't think I would trust a trust fall and probably fall on my butt. I hated strong wind as a kid!
    Thanks for sharing..

  4. Glad yall are safe!

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment! I'll have to look around I know I've got lots of before blogging projects!!

  5. So happy to read that you are safe ... It is truly devastating to read and see the damage suffered by many. Before Irene, came crashing your week-end looked and sounded fabulous!! Your pictures were brilliant!! xo HHL

  6. I was thinking about you yesterday and was hoping you were safe from the storm. Glad to hear you escaped without any damage.

  7. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing those!

  8. We are in upstate NY too...had lots of rain and wind but we are not on a lake. What lake is that? We were supposed to go to the Adirondacks Sunday, but of course didn't make it. So glad you didn't have a lot of damage.


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