Thursday, January 20, 2011

Light it Up

I've been working on making over my front hall closet since just after I put away Christmas.  The last thing I need before declaring it done is a new light fixture, because the bare bulb that's hanging from the ceiling just isn't cutting it.  I fell into a black hole of internet shopping while ogling the thousands of choices at Lighting Universe.  Unfortunately I'm a girl who has champagne tastes and a beer budget.
These are some of the ceiling lights that I'm loving right now.

This one from PLC Lighting in Polished Chrome makes my heart flutter.  Unfortunately the $1431 price makes my stomach lurch.
This fun multi-pendant is the Besa Amelia.  I love the damask pattern on the shades.  At $329 it almost looks affordable until you remember that this is for a shoe closet.
Of course I don't have to have a pendant.  A semi-flush lamp could work, too.  Something like this Quoizel light Ultima for $239.99.  The pattern might be a bit overpowering, though, since I already have the fun pattern of my fabric wallpaper.
Or what about this crazy lamp?  The Eglo Figaro is different and fun and at $178, I can stomach the cost.  Too bad it's out of stock.
So what do you think?  Which is your favorite?  Are any of these lamps DIYable?  Do I keep looking?  Maybe there's a lamp at goodwill right now looking for me to rescue it.

Thanks for popping in and helping me choose.


  1. My favorite is the Eglo Figaro. Too bad it's out of stock. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. The birds and branches are vinyl - $9.99 from Home Goods. Can't beat that bang for your buck, right?

  2. I like the crazy lamp at the's fun!

  3. GM, thanks so much for visiting my blog today and taking the time to comment. Wasn't that cool how they broke up the mural in frames. Great idea to keep in our memory banks!! It is fun to hear what are others favorite Stop me in my tracks color combo favs. have a great day,Kathysue

  4. I think I like the last one!! It is fun and seems that it would be nice and bright with a little bling which is just what you need there!!

  5. Yes go to Goodwill and keep going, one will eventually turn up that you can do yourself and you will love it even more because you did do it on your own! :) (Those are all cute lights though!)

  6. I like the last 2. But making your own will be so much more fun each time you enter that closet! Maybe something simple mounted against a wood disk from which you can hang little bobbles or mirrors or something to reflect or help the light so that it's something like the first one?

  7. So it looks like the favorite so far is the Eglo Figaro, too bad it's out of stock. Of course even if it was in stock, I think I'd have to pass. I just realized I have to buy 2 $50 raffle tickets next week. Ugh. Forced fundraising is so much fun. :(

    I started looking at mirrors and beads at the craft store. I think I need to start haunting my Goodwill for a rescueable light fixture.

  8. Thanks for stopping by~As a new follower I vote ~ go with your heart! Go to goodwill and maybe they will have something that makes your heart sing ~ for a few pennies ~ :-)

  9. Thanks for your visit and joing in on my giveaway! I am your follower too.


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