Sunday, February 26, 2012

Built-In Bookcase - Part 2

I had high hopes that our new bookshelves would be in use by now, but as is often the case with DIY, regular life stuff gets in the way.  There were lacrosse & soccer practices & games, party planning, Mardi Gras, and helping some good friends with moving(their new home is so ridiculously gorgeous, that I can't wait to share it with all of you sometime after the official housewarming party.)  Here's where we left off last week.

Some luan was added to box in the open 2 x4s.
My Handy, Hunky Computer Genius

Everything gets pre-primed before being attached.

We used some scrap to make some mockups of the molding.  I knew I wanted to do a board and batten treatment for the bookcase, and needed to figure out how we would integrate it into the baseboards.

The top and base molding were mitered on the chop saw,

and the battens that wrap around the sides were mitered on the table saw.  The battens were ripped from a sheet of mdf to save on cost.

Again, everything was pre-primed before fitted.  We haven't really had a real winter at all this year, but it is still NY, so painting was done inside.

After the notches had been cut in the baseboard to accept the battens,

and the battens fitted, everything was glued and nailed into place.  The grey wall panels will be painted out white.  Please ignore my filthy foyer floors.

And here is where we stand at the moment.  The top has been cut, and the vertical battens are in place.

We still need to stain the top, cut and fit horizontal battens, create shelf supports and install shelves, and paint the whole unit.

Thanks for popping in and DIYing with us.
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  1. WOW--you're almost there....yay! I think it looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see it when it's totally done. Happy Monday!

  2. Bringing the battens down into the baseboard was a good idea and looks great. I know it's not done, but also know it's exciting to see the idea really working and taking shape. Looking wonderful so far!

  3. Oh your book cases are looking SO good!

  4. Wow, great bookcases, they're coming along just fine! You got a nice handyman too, so lucky. My hubby used to be such a handy man when he was your hubs age, now he sends things to be made, lol. Thanks for your sweet visit. Have a nice week.

  5. Great professional job! I love the idea :)

  6. I think I said it last post but I like the chunkiness and the wide-body top. You can USE it for stuff.

  7. So maybe it isn't finished, but it is looking fabulous so far!

  8. Looks incredible. What a great space.

  9. I am glued to the computer screen right now. I want to build builts ins this year and yours are looking amazing already! Can't wait to see it all done - thanks for sharing your how-to!!

  10. Great job on the bookcase! I would love to put wall to wall, floor to ceiling in my dining room!


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