Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spook Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

We're closing in on Halloween, and more spooky changes are occuring every day.  There appears to be an axe murderer waiting for you at our front door.

Lightbulbs are being changed out to an eerie, bloody red.

And our Dining Room table has gotten a bit of a spooky overhaul.  Tombstone grey square bowls sit atop of black & white salad plates topping blood red dinner plates.  A skeletal hand holds your champagne.

I placed spooky, tattered runners across the table to serve as placemats for the sidechairs.  You can buy "creepy cloth," but it was easy to make these with some cheesecloth, cut, torn, and hit with a quick spray of black spray paint.  I have a plain black linen tablecloth, but the dancing skeletons on this vinyl tablecloth keeps the mood lighter.

Skull candlesticks flank the centerpiece

where a pirate skull and bones lay.

Eek!  Looks like a few mice have escaped from the mad scientist's lab.

Thanks for popping in and decorating with me.
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  1. I love teh skull with the bandana on it, CUTE...your table is great!

  2. What a fun! Each and every single picture is spooky.Love your Halloween settings...yes, every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. That doorway is super, super spooky!!! I have never seen that before! Don't WANT to see an axe murderer in real life!!! ;-) Love those skeleton arms holding the champagne!!! You found some really cool things for Halloween!!!!

  4. a great table. love the torn covering and the mouse! xo marlis

  5. Your tablescape is fantastic. I LOVE the fantasy of Halloween. It is one of the rare times an adult can be a little goofy and get away with it.

  6. What a great table...I love the bony hand holding the champagne cool is that!

  7. How cute! Love the bandana on the skeleton head! Great idea! Love your version of the creepy cloth! That door is super scary! Love it!! :-)

  8. So over the top! Thanks for the hint about using the cheesecloth and the paint. Cherry Kay


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