Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scrabble Wall Art

There was a lot of interest in the Scrabble Wall Art that I used in my Autumn Mantel the other day.  It took me a little while to post this tutorial, because my computer caught a bug, and CG had to come to the rescue and de-bug it by blowing out the harddrive and rebuilding the computer.  Unfortunately I had erased the pics off my camera's SD card, so there are a few gaps in this picture tutorial.
I wanted this piece to look a bit like a tapestry, so I started with some fabric from my never-ending fabric stash.  I picked a printed floral jacquard upholstery weight fabric.

The front was pretty loud, but the backside was perfect.

I cut a rectangle of fabric, and ironed it.  I created a 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" square stencil from a piece of acetate.  Every time SB receives a toy with a clear plastic front to the box, the piece of plastic gets saved for future use as a stencil.
SB sees a cool new toy, I see crafting material.

After pouncing on some light tan, and painting on some darker tan swirls, I let the squares dry.  I used a black sharpie to write the letters and corresponding points on each square.

I pulled enough threads from each edge of the fabric to create the frayed edge tapestry look.

I love this piece and it was so easy to make, all with stuff I had on hand.  You have to love $0 decor projects.

Thanks for popping in and painting with me.  And don't forget to back up your files every single day.  I'm linking this up to Kate's Fall Craft linkup party.
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  1. You did a great job Marcia. Your art really makes a statement!

  2. Thanks for sharing how you made this and the great tip about saving plastic to make stencils.

  3. This is lovely. It makes the whole area more interesting.

  4. Seems simple to make, yet so beautiful! I love the fabric that you used too.

  5. What a darling idea. I love how it is personalized.

    Thank you SO very much for linking up!


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