Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day always starts the same for me with me forced to stay in bed for what seems like ages waiting for the boys to make me breakfast.  I'm an early riser, and staying in bed past when the sun is up is just torture.  Still it's nice to be pampered.  I forgot to take a pic of breakfast before I ate, but here's the remains sitting on the peninsula.

Today my new refrigerator is being delivered.  Did you know that Lowe's makes deliveries 7 days a week?  I didn't, but I'm super excited that they do.  A Happy Mother's Day indeed.  When we reno'ed our kitchen, I had purchased a side by side refrigerator which was nice looking and kept our food cold, but turned out not to be terribly functional for us.  I do a lot of baking and entertaining, and the narrow width wasn't working for me.  I couldn't put full trays into either side, and it led to an awful lot of frustration.  I can't wait to share pics of the new one.

Guess who else is having an awesome Mother's Day?  Remember the house finch nest I shared last week?  Look at all that fuzz.

5 happy hungry chicks.

Thanks for popping in and I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Ha ha , love the after pic! Happy Mothers Day..

  2. Ahhh. A very happy Mother's Day to Mrs Finch!

    You could've at least told us what they fed you... ;-) Happy refrigerating!

  3. Oh, sooo sweet. Cannot wait to see the new fridge! Woo hoo.

  4. I'm glad you had a sweet day! I had a nice visit with my mom and a great day with my girls too.

    Looking forward to seeing the fridge. We're not fans of our side x side either. Saving for new (my husband is especially eager with the kitchen reno but it'll have to wait).

    Have a great week!



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