Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phone Dump

I have a confession.  I'm a bad blogger.  I do not carry my giant camera around with me at all times.  I don't even always have it on me when life dictates that I should.  Last month, we attended a christening, and I whispered to CG's aunt that I'm a bad blogger, I can't believe I don't have my camera.  She had me covered and took plenty of pics which she posted here.  What I do have with me at all times is my phone, and I find myself snapping pics with my underpowered camera phone quite often.  Here's some of what I've captured on my phone recently.

Herringbone marble tile clearanced for next to nothing.  Unfortunately there were only 5 sheets of it, so I couldn't even grab it for a future bath remodel.

While flipping through kitchen mags(yes, I did already remodel my kitchen, but I'm addicted to kitchen porn,) I saw this pic and had to snap a pic of it.  Why would a magazine take a closeup pic of such an ill fitting apron front sink?  Why would the GC be ok with his name being associated with this level of work?   The kitchen as a whole was absolutely stunning with this one exception.   Am I too much of a perfectionist or would this bother you?

I love this upholstered headboard that I found at HomeGoods the other day.  Too bad I'm not redoing any bedrooms right now.

The winter that never was must be just about over, because "Chippy" the chipmunk is back.  See his little head poking out of the wall?  SB refers to all chipmunks seen in our yard as Chippy, and honestly believes that it's the same animal.

SB & the Princess holding hands while listening to instruction at TAGS(tag, activities, games, & sports.)

What have you captured on your camera phone recently?  Feel free to link up your phone pics at this impromptu link party and blog hop.


  1. Sometimes the phone captures better pictures. I try to remember my camera, because everything is a photo op/blog op in my eyes LOL!

  2. Hi Marcia!
    Love that last photo with your son holding a taller girl's hand!
    Adorable! Love the chipmunk shot too.
    I have so many photos of stuff in my cell... bargain items, a possible find
    of furniture for a client, tile (like you!), an antique to remember to collect
    for the shop, etc etc etc! Scary how quick they add up too!
    Thanks for hosting the linky party!

  3. What a deal on that basket weave tile...I wonder how to use it? Fun post!

  4. I have to admit, my first glance at your blog on my blog roll, the little picture of the herringbone tile looked like the top of a pie! Once I clicked on your blog, I realized it wasn't pie after all! That's cool tile! Too bad there wasn't more. :(

    That's a cute picture of your son holding the girls sweet!

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! :)

  5. Ha! Too funny! We call our chipmunks Chip-Chip. Our dog goes nuts when we say it :)


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