Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cool & Collected

Alison over at the Polohouse is hosting her monthly Favorites on the First party with this month's theme collections.  I collect a lot of things, like the gold plated brass ornaments I just showed you for Christmas here, but one of my favorite collections is my perfume bottle collection.

I love the way that glass plays in the light, so I have them on display under my ridiculously long ranch home windows in my bedroom on top of mirrors.  I bought the mirrors then built the shelf to fit 3 of them.  Some bottles are handblown and signed by the artisans, picked up at art fairs.

I have a vaseline glass bottle that glows under blacklight, and bavarian pieces picked up at antique shops and flea markets.

Some are Fenton pieces from right around the corner here in upstate NY or Egyptian glass from half way around the world.

 Right now I have them displayed ROYGBIV rainbow style, but sometimes I group them by origin or age.  I love picking them up and polishing them up, which is weird I know, but I like to think about the trips where I picked each one up.  For the older ones, it's fun to think about who might have owned or used them.

Thanks for popping in and sharing my perfume bottle collection.  Check out some other fun collections at Alison's party.


  1. These are gorgeous! I've just started working at a consignment store and we get lots of people collecting these. Such a beautiful thing to collect!

  2. have quite the collection!! They're so beautiful, and each one very unique! I think that's a very cool thing to collect. I like how you have them displayed. Very nice!

  3. Such a fabulous collection! Gorgeous.

  4. What a fun thing to collect! Very pretty!

  5. oh Marcia!
    Your perfume bottles are amazing!
    I love the handblown glass ones. They are so pretty! (Have my eye on the red glass one with the larger plumed clear glass top. Wow. That one is a show stopper!)

    Thanks so much for coming by and linking up your collection! So thrilled to see it!

  6. What a fun collection, I love perfume bottles too. Your collection is gorgeous!


  7. Beautiful! I used to collect music boxes, but having a collection of kids was more important and took all the space!

  8. I remember your perfume bottle collection. Very pretty. I love all things glass and have 21 glass ball (sometimes called witch balls, I don't know why) hanging in my living room windeow


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